Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guess What Napolitano & Brennan Said They Were 'Shocked' By? The 'Beast' Needs To Go..Where Has She Been For The Last 9 Years?

This 'beast' is in charge of national security?!? We're all ******. Where has she been for the last 9 years? They’re terrorists, Janet. It’s what they do.

Napolitano was most "shocked" by Al Qaeda's "determination" and its tactic of using an "individual" in a terror attack as opposed to using multiple hijackers like they did on 9/11. Al Qaeda is determined? Shocking. Al Qaeda uses single suicide bombers? Wow, they've never tried that before. Brennan was most "shocked" that Al Qaeda in Yemen was able to launch attacks on the homeland. Funny, because both the Arkansas and Ft. Hood attacks had Yemen connections. READ MORE...

Stephen Hayes on Napolitano: "It's As If She Hasn't Read a Newspaper in a Decade"

'Hey relax Janet....the system worked right?'

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