Sunday, January 10, 2010

IndoctriNATION: Keep Voting DEMOCRAT, This Is What You Get. Progressives Are Brianwashing Our Youth And It Has To STOP NOW..

The IndoctriNATION

The IndoctriNATION 2: Children of the ACORN

The IndoctriNATION 3: The Homosexual Agenda

Indoctrination takes a turn for the worse. All that is necessary for evil to triump is that good men do nothing. If not us, who? If not now, when?


  1. Indoctrination is a powerful thing because once these minds are brainwashed it is almost impossible to get them to see the truth. Only something traumatic(like martial law and labor camps) will get their attention and who knows if that would even work? And much of the stuff these liberals are doing is in plain sight!!!What a bunch of idiots!!

  2. Paulie From Las VegasMon Jan 11, 10:06:00 AM PST

    The homosexual is the only " pure " degenerate having declined and become less specialized or concerned about procreation in nature, character, structure, and function from a humans ancestral or former state.

    They have sunk to a condition below that which is normal and this has beget a lower and usually corrupt and vicious state of mind.

    They can, but they will not, regenerate the human species, so they therefore must recruit, and where better then in the grammar schools and jr. high schools of our youth where the minds are curious, susceptible and vulnerable ?

  3. And the SHEEP, don't even know that they are being forcibley brainwashed, inducing them to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitude's to accept contrasting regimented ideas---persuasion by propaganda---what better salesman then our commander and Hoax in the White house.

    Paulie from Vegas----you never did answer me---do you gamble at the casino's---if everything breaks right for me I could be visiting Vegas in Oct., and maybe we can meet up for a drink or three----

  4. Paulie From Las Vegas:Tue Jan 12, 05:42:00 AM PST

    Russell G.: I never answered you because I wanted to see how interested you were. I don't gamble...but I do INVEST...mainly in baseball. It's the only sport besides horseracing and boxing that gives you odds. Before you come in, let me know where you're staying and we'll hook up for a discussion and that drink or three.