Sunday, January 10, 2010

EVIDENCE THAT 'LIBERALISM' IS A REAL MENTAL DISORDER: New Olbermann Theory: CIA Conspiracy to Set Up Obama?!? We're NOT Kidding...

Keith kooks up another crazy conspiracy. With the help of Richard Wolfe, Olby suggests that the CIA and the Intel agencies deliberately withheld information about the crotch bomber so that he would be successful and thereby embarrass the Obama administration. John Gibson explains, and a genius caller takes it to the next level.

If there in one person on the planet who actually believes what Keith Olberman says is true, please email us so we can send you a check for 1 million dollars = IDIOT.

Maybe Bush bought his plane ticket= IDIOT.

Does 'Boy' Maddow, the guy with the girls name (Rachael) and the useless philosophy degree, really believe this story?

If Universal health care does pass, and we HOPE it doesn't, please put in free mental health treatment for ALL progressive liberal democrats. They're mentally deranged people.

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