Monday, January 25, 2010

KING LOSER: Olbermann calls tea-partiers ‘poor, dumb, manipulated bastards’ VIDEO


On Thursday’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s wunderkind Keith Olbermann ratcheted up his political attacks to a level rarely seen on cable news. This week has been rough on Olbermann as Republican Scott Brown was swept to victory by a resurgent conservative movement and the Supreme Court struck down long-standing campaign finance regulations for corporations widely supported by liberals and Democrats.

The stress showed throughout the week as Olbermann launched vicious attacks on Brown that even liberal comedian Jon Stewart found to be tenuous. On Thursday night Olbermann continued his slide, seemingly unaware of the crassness of his remarks, or that he was on national television, by calling tea-party conservatives “poor, dumb, manipulated bastards” on-air.

Maybe Keith should go after the real 'dumb liberals' who try to pass themselves off as conservatives and hold up offensive signs for Keith to use during his TV show, so all 58 of his viewers can see them. See VIDEO below...

Dumb liberals try to pass themselves off as conservatives in order to discredit the protesters. Nice try, but liberals are easy to point out. They're usually the weird creepy ones.

A few different ones held up signs while others took pictures and video of them among the crowd. Do you see how dumb liberals really are? Why would anyone want to be part of this group of moronic flea bags?

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