Monday, January 25, 2010

YOU LIE! Hope and Change: No-bid war contract goes to Dem donor. Obama's such a 'cool' dirtbag. Now you know why we call them 'idiots'

How dumb do the 'clapping sheep' feel now? = IDIOTS...

Barack Obama repeatedly blasted the Bush administration for its supposed predilection for giving war contracts out on a no-bid basis to political cronies, and promised to change things once elected as President. And he has, according to Fox News — he’s changed the recipients:

Despite President Obama’s long history of criticizing the Bush administration for “sweetheart deals” with favored contractors, the Obama administration this month awarded a $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan to a company owned by a Democratic campaign contributor without entertaining competitive bids, Fox News has learned.

The contract, awarded on Jan. 4 to Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc., a Washington-based firm owned by economist and Democratic donor Vincent V. Checchi, will pay the firm $24,673,427 to provide “rule of law stabilization services” in war-torn Afghanistan.

A synopsis of the contract published on the USAID Web site says Checchi & Company will “train the next generation of legal professionals” throughout the Afghan provinces and thereby “develop the capacity of Afghanistan’s justice system to be accessible, reliable, and fair.” READ MORE...


  1. i hate this adminstration. obama is a liar and hypocrite. we have to get him out! pelosi and reid and axelrod all gone! votem out! please!

  2. The voters must send a clear message from now on: NOPE and Change!