Monday, January 25, 2010

A REAL BIMBO: Dem Rep: Congress Could Pass Health Reform If Men Were "Sent Home"

The Hill: "We go to the ladies room and the Republican women and the Democratic women and we just roll our eyes," Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) said. "And the Republican women said when we were fighting over the healthcare bill, if we sent the men home..." at which point she was interrupted by loud applause.

You mean there are women in congress who could come up with a health care bill that makes sense? Wow! You mean things like tort reform? A bill that won't be 2000 pages? These women will actually read the bill and get other women like 'Mary the scumbag' to go along and vote on the bill without taking a bribe? Will these women really come up with a bill that will actually improve health care and not cost trillions of dollars? Will they really make sure illegals are not included? Will they really come up with a bill that 62% of the country is NOT against like the one we have now?


So what does that say about MOST of the IDIOT WOMEN we have serving in congress and senate right now? MOST of them are very incompetent bimbos. We even name the most incompetent 'bimbos' below ..The worst of the worst...

Nancy Pelosi
Maxine Waters
Mary Landrieu
Debbia Wasserman Schultz
Barbara Lee
Barbara Boxer
Dianne Feinstein
Susan Collins
Olympia Snowe
Carolyn Malony
Maria Cantwell
Linda Sanchez
Judy Chu
Kirsten Gillibrand
Harman, Jane F.
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Blanche Lambert Lincoln
Claire McCaskill
Janice Schakowsky
Deborah A. Stabenow
Diane Watson
Shea Porter

ALL of these women contribute to the downfall of America. They are all incompetent, most are out of touch and corrupt and some are just plain stupid.

Do you really want the men to leave? It isn't like we have 50 or 60 Michele Bachmann types hanging around. Then we would have no problem with the men leaving since Michele Bachmann is better for America than most of the men in congress...

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