Monday, January 25, 2010


Well he has our vote. This guy should run for President. Of course there are democrats out there who know these statements are true, but will attack this honest man for telling the truth anyway, because he's NOT a democrat. The democrats will use this to bait the minority vote, as if all minorities are too stupid to realize that Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is 100% right.

Hopefully this will backfire on the democrats who use this for some political advantage. Most people who live in or come from poor neighborhoods, projects and ghettos would agree with Andre Bauer (if they're honest about it)

It sounds like Andre Bauer is a very smart man who has the balls to say what is right, without being politically correct. It sounds like he would rather help lift poor irresponsible career welfare leeches and make their lives better and make their kids lives better and that is far more than any democrat has ever done for the poor. All the democrats have done is kept poor people poor, kept dumb people dumber and punished the middle class producers by making them subsidize these career welfare leeches by taxing their labor. Prove us wrong...


  1. i grew up in Newark NJ on welfare. I have seen a lot of peoples lives ruined, especially children, by being on welfare. Lazyness, teeneage pregnancy and a zero incentive mind to improve their lives. Poor schools, single parents by even more women who choose to live on the government and watch talk shows all day, and they all seem to have tattos, jewelery, TV, booze, cars and their kids are the ones who suffer. It isn't just a 'few' as the liberals would like you to believe, it's pretty much all of them. I know as I was one of those kids and everyone in my school and in my public housing complex was the same. Most went to jail, some were killed and other squeeked by and some moved on up.

    This statement is dead on and he should be commeneded. Hopefully, black folk have stopped drinking the left wing kool aid and will realize that the democrat party has always kept us down for decades. It's time they wake their black asses up.

    Now- Applaud this Lt. Gov. he only said what needs to be said.

  2. He's right about the breeding thing. My problem with him is that instead of falling back to Constitutional principles he proposed the use of government force. "Making" parents show up to student teacher conferences? How about NOT taxing us for education, disbanding the teachers union (and ALL government employee unions), allowing parents to choose where their children are educated, and stop the persecution of homeschoolers?

    The Left in this coutry has it dead wrong. Unfortunately the Right gets it wrong a lot of the time as well. No theocracy, no Communist state, no legislation of morality! Get the government OUT of our personal lives, Left AND Right, and return to the Constitution.

    The answer to the creeping communist threat is not equally oppressive legislation from the fundie moral police.

    Running from one extreme of wealth redistribution and class warfare to the other extreme of a moralistic police-state is ridiculous. has America forgotten what real freedom is?

  3. This man should be ashamed of himself. But he cravenly ambitious and he knows who to appeal to.