Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scumbag Senator Harry Reid’s New Favorability at MINUS -19. 'The War is Lost Douchebag'

'Dirty Harry' Reid. Can you believe during the Iraq war that these words would be coming out of the mouth of a sitting U.S Senator? What a disgrace. Under Abraham Lincoln, Harry Reid would have been hung for making this statement for lowering troop morale. Harry Reid is not only incompetent and corrupt, he's just being plain 'anti'American.' Unfortunately in this 'sissy society' we have created, we won't be lucky enough to witness Harry Reid dangling on the steps of Capitol Hill.

When an incumbent drops below 50% job approval or favorability, his likelihood of re-election begins to dim. Harry Reid intends on giving us a demonstration of how that works in 201o. A new Mason-Dixon poll has a bare 33% of Nevada voters giving Reid a favorable rating, while 52% view him unfavorably. He loses in head-to-head matchups against both major Republican candidates vying in the primary by comfortable margins, as well as a third candidate of whom almost half of Nevadans have never heard READ MORE...

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