Tuesday, January 5, 2010

White House promises left: Illegals will be eligible for ObamaCare after we give them amnesty

Remember last week’s seemingly inexplicable news that The One would try to cram amnesty down America’s gullet next year, too? It’s not so inexplicable, really. Once you understand that he’ll do literally anything, including sacrificing dozens of Blue Dogs, to pass health-care reform, this makes perfect sense.

Like Joe Wilson, I was worried for awhile that he might try to extend federal benefits to illegals, but now that I know he’s planning to wave his hand and magically legalize them first, I feel better.

Lawmakers who want to extend health coverage to illegal immigrants will not block the passage of the final health care reform bill so long as the White House offers a substantive promise to start pushing comprehensive immigration legislation this year…
A source familiar with the negotiations between Congress and the White House told TPMDC the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will demand an agreement from Obama that health care coverage for illegals who earn a path to citizenship will be addressed in an immigration bill… READ MORE...

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