Monday, February 8, 2010


HUMAN EVENTS announces its first ever Al Gore Snowman contest. Our friend Amb. Fred Eckert suggested that we award a prize for the best snowman made to look like the chief poobah of global warming baloney, former Vice President Al Gore.

With Washington digging out of a near-record snowfall, it’s only appropriate to (dis)honor the principal perpetrator of biggest fraud since the UN’s Oil for Food scandal. (That one, after all, only cost about $30 billion. The global warming “cap and tax” legislation will cost much more.)

Once you’ve dug out, please take your best shot. Send us a picture of your snowman. The best one will receive $50 and an autographed copy of Jed Babbin’s “In the Words of Our Enemies,” the “Cliff notes of evil.” Deadline is 9 am Wednesday, 10 February.

Send your entries to

Don’t delay. Get out there and commit a gratuitous act of politics.

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