Monday, February 8, 2010

Gallup: Obama approval hits all time low 44%, but the media is not interested. They're way too busy reporting writing on Palin's hand. VIDEO

Well, it's apparent that Independents are not buying Obama's lies anymore. Only the idiots who still support him naive and pathetic.

HOTAIR- His economic polling will rebound over time but I’m not so sure about the other two.

In an interview with CBS News on Feb. 7, prior to the Super Bowl, the president made a surprise call for a half-day, bipartisan, nationally televised summit on healthcare. The political need for Obama to make such a bold move is underscored by his relatively low 36% approval rating on his handling of healthcare. Obama’s healthcare approval rating is statistically little different from the 37% he received last month, but the two ratings are the lowest of his administration.

Americans give Obama his lowest rating, 32%, on handling the federal budget deficit, down from 38% when this was last measured in September. His ratings on the deficit have trailed his overall approval rating each time they have been measured. In late March, for example, Obama received 49% approval on handling the deficit while at the same time his overall approval rating was above 60%. READ MORE...

NOTE- PRESIDENT Obama FAILING miserably isn't good news for the cowards in the mainstream media, so they're not interested in reporting it. Instead, they spent hours reporting Sarah Palin's hand notes all day. As if 'handgate' is some outrageous scandal.

Meanwhile, we have a President who can't take a dump without a teleprompter telling him to make grunting noises when he pushes. He can't talk to grade school kids without using a teleprompter. He can't go anywhere without using one, because he has to keep his lies in check. He can't even pronounce 'corpsman' as the commander in chief. He still thinks we have 57 states. Let's see Obama, our PRESIDENT, when his teleprompter malfunctions and you decide whether THIS is a bigger story than a conservative woman giving a speech at a Tea Party who has three words written on her hand...(We have all done this, it doesn't mean you're an idiot) Obama OFF the teleprompter....see video below..

This is an amazing video of Barack giving a speech when his teleprompter goes on the blink -- he is unable to form a coherent sentence; struggling to think of something to say as he repeatedly sneaks peeks at the teleprompter screen locations hoping that his script has reappeared.

And they talk about George Bush..... HA!

This is real funny, to watch the Obamassiah trying to think of something to say all on his very own, and failing miserably, just like he's failing as President.

BREAKING! Obama's Home Telepromoter Malfunctions During Family Dinner...

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

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