Sunday, February 7, 2010

Angela McGlowan and Joseph Farah at National Tea Party Convention

See Joseph Farah from World Net Daily below..

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If you ever feel the need to find out the truth about the 'birthers' movement, click here to find out- Listening to giant, bitter, progressive, biased lesbians with philosophy degrees distort the 'birthers' movement on MSNBC is not a good way to learn about it. Stick to the facts and accurate information instead.

Remember this important fact. Barack Obama has not shown his long form original birth certificate. It doesn't mean he isn't a U.S citizen, so why doesn't he just show it? Our opinion is that if the dirty Clinton machine couldn't prove it, there's a good chance there's really nothing behind this birth certificate issue. We also believe Obama is without a doubt hiding something and there is nothing wrong with questioning Obama about it. Journalist's are NOT doing there job. They should be asking questions...

Why does he choose to spend millions defending the lawsuits instead of just showing the original long form birth certificate? If he shows it, it's over...Why are all of his records from his past sealed? What is he hiding? These are things the American people have a right to know. These are questions that journalists are not asking. Joseph Farah does have some great points. When liberals label people like Joseph 'birthers' it makes you wonder what they are so afraid of?

In a way, Barack Obama brings this on himself. He has lied so many times, it's really hard for anyone, including people who voted for him, to believe him. He has lied hundreds of times already. We can't trust him and are not sure if he's telling the truth or not. For Obama's lies click here...


  1. Brother Joe gave an informative, positive, forward looking and spiritually uplifting speech -- AND he hammered home the WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? theme in a most appealing way. The crowd was with him from first to last. WAY to go, Joe!!

  2. Mccain technically is a Naturalized Citizen because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone but Congress held hearings and decided the Panama Canal Zone was Sovereign US soil at the time so they declared he was born on US soil and conferred Natural Born status on him(Still highly contested by Constitutional scholars). If you have a child in the military on a base that base is considered US soil and allows Natural Born Status. If the child is born at a local hospital nearby the base, then the child can only receive Naturalized Citizen Status. If you were born outside the country to Natural Born Citizens you are only a Naturalized Citizen and not considered Natural Born. You have to be born to 2 Natural Born or Naturalized Citizens on US soil to be Natural Born. Anything else is a Naturalized Citizen as per the Constitution. Obama is a Naturalized Citizen but he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen since his father was not a US Citizen. All he was eligible for is Naturalized Status. His mother got his Naturalized Status so he could enjoy the benefits of being a US Citizen, not for nefarious purposes. She just wanted her child to be a Citizen. Since he is a Naturalized Citizen though he was and still is ineligible for office as per the Constitution. The only difference between Natural Born Citizen and Naturalized Citizen is only the Natural Born Citizen is eligible to be President.