Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin's Tea Party Speech- VIDEO Best clips and zingers of speech. 'America is ready for another revolution.' Obama-Reid-Pelosi are 'Out of Touch'

See below for the best clips of the speech..

Palin: 'America is ready for another revolution'
Warns: 'Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda' reflects worldview out of touch with enemy U.S. faces


  1. Global warming is as big an intentional perversion of the truth as that imposture Al Gore.
    But what's truly heating up, producing a notable rise in the body temperature in the tea-party supporters, is the Searing Sarah Palin---Sarah sends out strong positive rhythms,and a communication that assures a relation of trust, without the conceit and arrogance of the present White House Fraud, that she will provide the needed provisions to get this country back on track.

    I love it----when the MSP and the lap-dog mouthpieces of the White house harangue Sarah with their garbage diatribes of gobbledygook---all their doing is driving more people that are fed up with the lies and distortions of the left right into Sarah Palin's camp.

    By July 4th of this year----Sarah Palin, in every poll will be 3 to 5 points ahead of the teleprompter Queen.
    As more and more people become aware that Obama without his teleprompters makes George Bush look like King Solomon in comparision, the lead will grow over the next 3 years----

  2. Alaskan chicks rock----right into the White House in 2012.

  3. Populism is overrated...

    Always has been. John Kennedy on the campaign trail was confronted by a grizzled factory worker who said to him, "I know you, John Kennedy and you haven't worked a day in your life. And you wanna know something? -- you haven't missed a damn thing!"

    We're seeing populism this weekend in Nashville, and it's still not a thing beauty that even the comely Mrs. Palin can improve. it's ragged and angry.

    The teabaggers cheer and cheer for someone who is "just like us." Let me ask anyone: Why do we want that? Why desire ordinary people, when there are extraordinary people out there?

  4. Populism? How did you get so stupid? What school was it? Who abused you as a kid? How did you become such a typical retarded sheep?

    'Teabaggers' shows alreasy you are biased. You and your gay lovers 'teabagging' is a little different ya lil angry libb.

    The tea party movement should be loved by 'true' liberals, not the fake ones who are 'progressives' you know, the ones who have hijacked the democratic party and RUINED it.

    Why do we desire ordinary people? Because liberals are mentally disturbed and they have power you asshole. The tea party is always criticized by libbs as not having a leader. Who the f*** needs a leader?!? It's about the people, the individual not being slaves to corrupt politicians in government. It's about real change and not the phony change Obama talked about . Got it dickface?

    By the way, I love the leaders of your party...get this- Nancy Pelosi, Barny Frank, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, John Murtha, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Steny Hoyer, Dianne feinsteinn, Debbie Stabenow, Arlen Spector. do I really need to continue with the most disgraceful list of pigs to ever serve in the house and senate?

    I'l pass on the leaders. The Tea Party WILL rule whether you like it or not and the more the media tears it down, the better, thats more people joining the movement and more people watching real accurate news like FOX. Got it you dimented weasal?

    Now..go get a pair' and join a tea party. Your party needs cleaning up far more than the republicans do...

  5. "... do I really need to continue?"

    No, you don't because you say basically the same thing every time you post, Nick. Do you just cut and paste a previous post?

    I don't care if you hate gays. You do, obviously. But I'm not gay. But if I were, what of it? It's irrelevant to the discussion and I wouldn't consider petty little taunts by the likes of you much of an insult.

    "The Tea Party WILL rule..."

    See you at the polls, Nick. You might be able to push. The teabaggers have thrust but no vector. You'll see what push-back is like.

  6. I encourage everyone to watch and listen to Sarah Sunshine's speech in its entirety. Worth every minute. Didn't drag at all. Any doubts about her will be dispelled with her performance. Sarah is core American and it resonated with the patriots in that room as they gave her standing ovation after standing ovation. Oh how the Usurpists must be gnashing their teeth :-D
    GO SARAH, GO!!

  7. Sarah Palin is to the liberals what a silver knife is to the heart of Dracula.

    A hydra is a many headed monster in Greek mythology that was slain by Hercules.
    Depending in which state and what audience Obama is talking down to will determine which head Obama will use, a different head for dissimilar crowds---in essence a two-face--or more.

    The multifarious Fraud in the White House keeps rotating his head's to fit an interview, a group of spectators, his sycophants and Marxist admirers. Sarah Palin uses only one face for all Americans, no matter what settlement of politics one shares.

    That's a major difference between them. Obama is a total sham, making false shows, a public phoney. Sarah Palin is poetic elegance, in as much as she says what she means and means what she says.

    When the commie-liberals finally catch on that their false Messiah is more Queen then their expected King, there will be a gnashing of teeth, and a number of liberal heads will seek comfort in open ovens, and unlike birds with wings, a spate of liberals will jump from tall buildings and keep their appointment with the unforgiving ground. As the number of liberals decrease America will become just a bit more whole under the stewardship of Sarah Palin.

  8. i dont think nick hates gays. i work with gays all day and they call eachother fag more than anyone. and bitches. i think nick makes a great point and really schools you. it seems you are the one who is hateful and ignoring his facts.
    the tea party is huge and they are by far outpolling both parties. even today, the tea party would outpoll most democrats a, some republicans and even Obama. they are votes that even democrats are going to have to go after if they want to win. i dont know what your beef is with nick other than he calls you names. at least he makes sense and maybe he is just fed up with hard headed people like yourself. the tea party will rule.....especially if it continues at the pace it is now. I want to know why is it not ok for you to name call, but you use the very degrading term "teabagger" to describe people like my grandmother, who sees the demise of this country. there are kids, vets and seniors who attend tea parties and you are saying they :teabag' people? sounds like you are a typical liberal..a hypocrite. you do know you are a hypocrite by calling them teabaggers. right?

  9. No different then a cockroach's bodily resposnse from a spray of Raid bug killer, is the physiological over-stimulation that Sarah Palin provokes in the adherents of liberalism. What a striking violent impact, not unlike the devastation of a killer tornado, Sarah incites to anger and frustration and major irritation, not to mention the complete going out of their minds, liberals come apart at the seams everytime Sarah Palin graces the television screen.

    If truth be known, I'd much rather lose a lottery ticket and have Sarah Palin sanctify the TV just to mentally disorder the looney left into exhibiting insanity.

  10. " seems you are the one who is hateful and ignoring his facts."

    I don't see any facts. I see basically a rhetorical bully with a lot of anger and resentment for people who might just disagree with him on a few things. But I'll hang back on the teabagging remarks if you really think I'm insulting your Granny.

  11. You do not see any facts? Are you serious? It's quite obvious you haven't covered one page of this site. The reason I come to this site often is because all they provide is facts and evidence. How can you dispute it? It's because you are not paying attention. I don't see hate, you seem like a antagonistic idiot to be honest with you. When I heard the word teabagger on television, I became so outraged that I attended the tea party and went to DC. I met the nicest people who made really good points and these people were far from the names were being called. I am not organizing tea parties and will continue to do so. I even got my kids involved at their colleges and my wife is also helping me. I can tell by the amount of members willing to go take a day off from work to attand a tea party, it's just getting more powerful. I can't wait til November 2010 and 2012.

    You can argue all day who the best football team was in the last decade, some will say steelers, some will say colts, some will say patriots...BUT, there are things you can't argue, and that is big government and liberal policies. It always fails, always has and always will. There is no argument. Bi-partisan is a joke. On social issues you can argue about certain things, but when it comes down to free markets, capitalism versus big gov. socialism marxism.....NO DISCUSSION NEEDED.

    Tea parties will decide elections whether you like it or not. So keep calling them teabaggers because it already shows you're threatened by them, and you better be.

  12. sorry for my typing error. I meant i am now organizing tea parties.

  13. Sarah Palin started out as a little snowball in the wilds of Alaska. In time this snowball increased in size and has now become a present day avalanche, and a threat to dislodging and displacing the fixed position's of Obama's Marxist governmental actions, and overwhelming the progressive's degeneracy ideology.

    To see Sarah stir the emotions, feelings, and passions of the debased liberals is something to behold. Their depraved and moral deterioration, the pornography of their beliefs, the twisting and distorting everything that is natural and normal is on full display every time there is a Sarah Palin sighting.