Sunday, February 14, 2010

CAN NBC DO ANYTHING RIGHT? The 'Obama-GE' Network Confuses Terry Fox and Michael J. Fox. Maybe Meredith Vieira Can Borrow Obama's Teleprompter..

Terry Fox is a Canadian legend whose cross-Canada run, the Marathon of Hope, inspired Canadians while raising money for cancer research. Michael J. Fox is a Canadian actor who starred in the legendary "Back to the Future" trilogy and has become an advocate for Parkinson's disease research. They're pretty easy to confuse for one another. Right, NBC?

It's understandable to misspeak the name during a live setting, so we can give Meredith Vieira a pass. But the graphics are a little harder to explain, especially considering the broadcast actually showed Terry Fox before switching to the "Family Ties" star.

I'm guessing NBC would love to take a DeLorean back to last night to get this right. Zing!

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