Saturday, February 13, 2010

WIMP IN CHIEF: The more Obama complains, the faster Iran promises to speed up uranium enrichment. Didn't Obama say 'Iran isn't a threat?'

Iran's parliament speaker said that attempts by the Obama administration to quell its nuclear program will only encourage the Islamic Republic to speed up its uranium enrichment even more.

"Even if U.S. President Barack Obama dares to repeat threats of tougher sanction against us as much as 10 times, we will still be determined to pursue our enrichment program, but with a much faster pace," Ali Larijani said Thursday, according to remarks carried by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

"Whenever we make a significant breakthrough, whether it is launching a satellite into space or any other technological or scientific achievement, they quickly demonize it and claim that it is aimed at military or spying purposes," Larijani said of Western fears that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. "They can not bear to see our progress, which is why they want to keep us as an underdeveloped country." READ MORE...

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  1. hey obuma , if you bow and kiss your enemys asses enough ( maybe ask if they had bad childhoods) just a thought , they,ll love you and all americans is that the idea?