Friday, February 26, 2010


Gov. David Paterson to make it official at press conference: He's not running

A scandal-scarred Gov. Paterson is pulling the plug on his short-lived election campaign.

Paterson, under investigation by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for contacting a woman who accused one of his top aides of domestic violence, is making it official with an announcement from his Manhattan office at 3 p.m.

Top Democrats say stopping the campaign isn't enough: He should leave office now.

"If the investigation turns out the way many suspect, his resignation is almost inevitable," state Sen. Bill Perkins, who holds Paterson's old Harlem Senate seat, told WNYC. READ MORE...

Rangel: Yes, I’m being admonished for ethics violations, but it’s totally not my fault

The details aren’t really important, but in a nutshell, he accepted trips to the Caribbean which his office knew were being paid for by a corporation that routinely lobbied Congress. Rangel claims that he personally didn’t know who had picked up the tab, in which case why should he be punished for the mistakes of two idiot staffers? We’ll see what the official report says tomorrow; apparently, the committee will claim that he was aware or should have been aware of where the money came from. Either way, anyone not think his staffers were explicitly told not to tell him who was underwriting these trips?

But that’s all window dressing. The true glory of this story is that it’s a total clusterfark for Pelosi, who’ll now be squeezed on one side by Republicans demanding his removal from the Ways and Means Committee and on the other by the Congressional Black Caucus demanding that he remain in office. What’s a racially “progressive” Speaker who’s worried about her party’s image ahead of the midterms to do? Steve Kornacki: READ MORE...

See Video below of Charlie Rangel in action...

Rangel can't stand the heat over his mounting ethical/financial scandals. When Hot Air TV special correspondent Jason Mattera confronts the tax cheat, Rangel has a snit fit.


  1. rangel pelosi reid, There is no accountability oh yeah and the king of all DIPSHITS BARRY OBAMA! egg whites for brain matter!

  2. In order to reject the facts, Rangel has shifted the blame to his staff----in order to deflect facts of this nature, Rangel has to accurately disprove the testimony and to trace the falsehoods to his staff----what a guy.

    History has taught us that bigotry, ignorance,cunning and roguery sadly is a great part of mankinds condition.

    But-amongst us---there our men with natural inclinations and propensities who encounter many dangers and difficulties, slaying temptations, in order to attain a sublime nature.

    And then there is the worst amongst us----vanity, and a heated imagination, a man who has made a convert of himself, and entered seriously into a delusion, devoid of scruples, to make use of his pious frauds, in support of his unholy cause. Gazing into the populace, the most powerful man on the planet takes the "greatest flame," the White house, and turns it into a small spark with his knavery and credulity, without examination, all to promote the wonder of himself---celebrated for a time, only to sink into neglect and oblivion---we now judge in conformity from observation, and distinguish between truth and falsehood a man who tried to deluded the multitude, who's season has now passed, Obama is the full proof of a Swindler.

  3. Means of detection remain---reporters, at one time sufficient, with the judicious and knowing right from wrong, are to commonly to fine to fall under the comprehension of the vulgar----this time, my sense is that they will not fall on their shields for Rangel---their are so many rats on the sinking ship now, that reporters for their own survivial have to cast off into a fresh life boat just to remain viable----by by Rangel----Teddy and Murtha are waiting for you.

  4. Rangel will walk away from this unscratched. Pelosi has already dismissed this in her last interview, where she claims of run the most ethical congress in the history of this country. The corrupt are blind to their own corruption, now it's time for the voters to not only throw these people out of office but to demand that they go to jail.

  5. Savage24----either way the democommies lose--

    Either they drop him, and the malignant turd has postured for this, or this is just another example for the ever growing numbers of the tea party express to vote these bastards out----
    I'm hoping he maintains his position, it will become a race instead of a walk to the voting booths come November---