Friday, February 26, 2010

Video: Maxine 'Ebonics Queen' Waters, Ben Bernanke try to debate monetary policy. Boy is Maxine dumb...

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'When she not be trying to socialize oil, this fool be trying to talk bout foreclosures.'

HotAir- So painful is this to watch that not only is she being openly mocked for it at CBS(!), they actually clipped and posted the video so that people could pass it around. Quote:

I actually pitied Bernanke as he attempted to remind Ms. Waters the difference between the discount rate and the fed funds rate. Doesn’t she have anyone on her staff who could have prepped on the material? It’s not as if these are difficult concepts.

The more Waters talked, the worse it got. These are the very people who think they are better equipped to want to be entrusted with auditing the Fed. Now that’s a scary concept.

No, what’s scary is that this isn’t even the most obtuse exchange she’s had with an economic titan at a House hearing. That prize goes to her discussion with Geithner last year about the pernicious influence of Goldman Sachs on the Treasury Department. Kudos to Bernanke for resisting the urge to grimace with incredulity. Geithner wasn’t so lucky.

Between this and his chats with the Paulnut-in-chief, how much do you think Bernanke looks forward to his trips up the Hill?


  1. Maxine Waters is a hypnotic orator, with undeniable intelligence and brillant insight into mass psychology.
    Obama has considered her for the position of Reichsminister for propaganda and national enlightment.
    On hearing that Obama was considering her for such a prestigious position Maxine assured the president that she will disseminate propaganda, whose content or tone will cause the enemy to draw the desired conclusions, in this she declared the main stream media will be invaluable--------
    The country is fortunate to have her.

  2. Maxine Waters first edict as Reichminister for Propaganda----
    We must suppress propagandistically desirable material which can provide the enemy with useful intelligence----all my school records will henceforth be burned.

  3. There is something very heart warming about Maxine Waters...

    I can even in the middle of the dumbest thing I might do I will feel good that there is someone dumber than me out there and that's Maxine Waters...

  4. In a free society people disposed to the nobility of reason are the watchdogs aganist irrationalism---I have devoted my whole life to advance the human condition, and I will not rest until all the people have deluded themselves.

    Russell G.

  5. The Freedom of Information Act produced this piece of information---------

    Buried in the files Of Ted Kennedy was this doozy---------

    There will have to be a mass earth consciousness that will accept and desire an interplantary and and eventually an interdemential counsel before a mass revelation of the space beings can take place------it has since been amended----

    It seems, relates Science Fair, that there has been a change of heart------through communiciations with NASA the space ALIENS have decided to by-pass our planet. After monitoring speeches by Maxine Waters, Nazi Piglosi and Joe Biden they have made a judgment that the Earthlings are beyond hope-----


  6. Please don't forget people, that this moron is one of many who will be controlling our health care.

    There really needs to be a minimum intelligence test for elected officials.

  7. Maxine Waters Runs DrySat Feb 27, 12:12:00 PM PST

    Check out todays Saturday Feb. 27, Rasmussen Daily tracking Poll----only 43 per-cent of the voters somewhat approve ot the presidents performance---it's the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president---

    And sure, I know that the numbers will keep dropping, and by July 4th it will drop into the high 30's.

    But the reason why----is becuse you'all are racist and aganist the light skinned negro and you'll just can't stand to have a dark skinned negro like me to possess so much intelligence.
    If you'll keep us this nonsense I will not run for the presidency in 2012, so yaall only going to spite yourselves.


  8. I take umbrage with you Steve----
    For your information----I have been accepted in (The Einstein Institute)---to join , one must take an IQ test----they told me that I had the lowest IQ ever recorded there, and that I just barely registered on the test, so they made an exception for me to be part of their fraternity.
    So there, what are your credentials Steve-------
    Gee----all this racism is appalling


  9. Yephora you think your head hurts----just imagine being Mr Waters, and living with this mental midget----just picture for a second Mr. Waters, without drinking half a bottle of whiskey first, having to watch Maxine taking off her clothes--------MIGRAINE

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