Monday, February 8, 2010


Once again Olbermann's desperate quest for ratings leads him to attacking Tea Party Protesters.

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO- Olbermann On The Tea Party. ‘These Are Not Political Insurrectionaries, Nor Real Americans, These Are Men And Women Who Hate.’

We have been to several Tea Parties, including Washington D.C, the new 'global cooling' capital of the Unites States, where over one million patriots came out to protest not only an out of control government run mostly by democrats like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, but republicans as well.

There were over one million law abiding, taxpaying American citizens made up mostly of veterans, senior citizens and soccer moms with their kids. There wasn't ONE arrest, there was no litter on the ground, and you will never see a more informed, polite, respectful, large group of people in your entire life.

For Keith Olbermann to call the people who attend Tea Parties such vulgar disgusting names just shows how sick, angry and desperate he is to keep his 3000 remaining progressive viewers. Perhaps he is trying to get his YouTube clips to achieve high ratings so he has a future next year when his party becomes extinct.

Even some liberals are embarrassed by Keith Olbermann and believe he has a tons of anger issues. We just realize that he's a typical progressive liberal with a severe mental disorder and there's no cure in sight.

It's so pathetic and sad to see how good American people are treated in the liberal media. Someday, the American people will THANK the Tea Party for helping to get rid of scumbag politicians.....the same ones they whine about who are incompetent, corrupt and out of touch with the people. It makes you wonder why people like Keith Olbermann are so hateful towards them.

'GE-NBC-Obama, Hmm Hmm Hmm'

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