Monday, February 8, 2010


Ummm, where's the 'racism' that 'Boy Maddow' from MSNBC keeps talking about? Tom Tancredo bashes RINO John McCain and other RINO republicans AND democrats. He made a great speech. What's racist here?

What else is a liberal to do when they can't win an argument or back up their statements with facts? They resort to attacks and name calling like the little sissies they are and it's getting really old. People are not buying it anymore which explains the decline of CNN and MSNBC. See the douchebag Keith Olbermann response below..

Keithy boy calm down! Tom Tancredo didn't deny his grandparents the right to vote. They learned English, spelled 'vote' correctly and they voted. Keith is taking this way off course as usual. He needs to learn the definition of 'ILLEGAL!'

Then Keith should visit and get a life...


  1. I don't know if Tancredo might not be hateful, because I can't see into his heart, but he an elitist. Directly implying that people who don't vote the way he thinks they should because they're ignorant and barely literate is about as elitist as it gets. Revealing.

  2. Keith knows the definition of illegal. He just simply refuses to accept it. You see, illegal = 'racist' in Keithy's liberal-disordered gray matter. Shock therapy is perhaps the only cure.

  3. i disagree with anonymous man above. everyone knows, except you apparently, that barack obama conned naive dumb americans into voting for him and tancredo is simply stating that because of dumb voters, we have a socialist moron in chief. a proven total failure. we elected a lying community organizer with no experience as our president in a time of crisis. so yea, id say you are wrong and tom is right, nice try pal.

  4. Is his utterly failed presidential campaign proof that he's right, too?

  5. Of course not. He didn't have the cool name, the dark skin, the white guilt, the chicago machine, the media and shady donations that Obama had. You know, goldman sachs etc...cmon man, you can't touch me. I'm way too good at this and I have common sense.

    By the way, are you saying that George Bush wasn't a failure because he won? You know that's how stupid you sound right? I thought so.

    And as much as I despise Bush, Al Gore would have been 300 times worse!!!!!
    Now we have 200 times worse....

    We want BETTER...We need Jim Demint! Michele Bachman!

  6. Michele Bachamann.

    Here's Minnesota's 6th District. You have the Twin Cities to the southeast, and to the Northwest past St. Cloud, you have Alabama. That's Michele Bachmann's District.

  7. So that would be the district with able-bodied people who are not collecting welfare for a living, produce, obey the law, and don't lead the state in teenage pregnancy, dropout rates, litter, poor schools, high crime, disease and poverty...right? Yea, I thought so. That's the side I want to live on.

    You're really getting your ass kicked in here dudette..Go blow that retard Al Franken will ya..

  8. Compelling commentary, Snookie. Read it off a bathroom wall or something?

  9. Yea, I did, right under where it said to call your mother for a good time.

    Im glad you agree with me though, another defeat for you as you have no answer to anything I post, other than a snarky comment.

    You do know you people are a dying breed right? You do know that the tea party movement grows everytime the Matthews, Olbermanns, Maddows and Mitchell open their mouth. You do know you are going to lose the house this year right? You do know that if Obama even makes it to 2012, he's going to lose, even with his ACORN fraud votes, the people he made government dependent and even if Amnesty passes, he is finished. Then you will be ruled by conservatives, libertarian conservatives and a few democrats left that will have to bend our way in fear of losing.

    You will have several whining progressives left, but they won't be able to get much done...

    Got it? You are finished. Obama-Pelosi are the best thing to happen to this country...and even Bush...Those idiots woke us up...No more libbs, progressives, RINO's.

    You people are deeply disturbed and have ZERO commen sense. Now buzz off kid.

  10. I don't make election predictions, but I'll see you at the polls Snookie. My vote could the the one that cancels out yours.

  11. Mike 'The Situation'Tue Feb 09, 09:57:00 AM PST

    Ouch! I agree. Good one Snickers! She got you there..lmao

  12. Not if the right wing forms a 'rightwing' ACORN like the dirty democrats did. Then snook could vote 25 times and you would only cancel out one of her votes. That's why i like conservatives, they would never do something that destroys our democracy like the democrats did. They made me sick to my core throwing out the military vote and counting acorn ones. They made me sick stealing the election from Norm Coleman and magically finding votes fraudulent ones, for Al Franken. I seen the progressives hijacking of the dem party so i left and became a republican. Im black, not religious, don't care for gay people, just stay out of my sons classroom. I also have seen the benefits to the poor and middle class with the Bush tax cuts I USED TO complain about. Back when I was a dumb-a-crat.

    I'm much more inoformed and educated now and I would like to thank Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as examples of incompetent politicians ruining this country. I would also like to thank Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, Michael Savage, Mike Church and Senator Diment for making me realize just how misinformed I used to be.

    I was 'trained' to hate these people before I listeneed to them. When I did, I found out that these people are looking out for the American people and exposing the damage that the liberal media ignores.