Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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Sometimes when you're dealing with a liberal, you have to break it down like a five year old. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't....


  1. Glenn should also explain that the reason he can boast about these ratings, is because he throws out the raw, red meat to the teabaggers. They ALL tune in to him, while at the same time other people actually might pick one station or another to watch moving back and forth through the evening, and not riveted to the lineup of Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, and so forth. Maybe they watch sports, or entertainment, or something else that might interest them besides raw, red meat.

  2. that's your excuse? are you serious? you know you are justifying your stupidity right?

    maybe Obama got elected because people pushed the wrong button when they voted? that's how dumb your explanation sounds.

    Wow...liberals really are retarded.

    I also always notice that you don't ever argue the facts that Beck reports. You would think being a 'liberal' you might admire Beck for being one of the few who does it.

    You can't name ONE lie on this video, yet you attack Beck. And that backs up the psychiatrist's statement that liberals have a mental disorder. I still can't believe how 'in denial' you people are.

    Go get help dork. Stop being jealous that Beck CRUSHES Maddow, Matthews and Olbermann COMBINED! LOSER

    By the way, maybe Matthews, with his sorry 80,000 viewers really has 40,000 because someone is watching sports during happy hour...

    liberals= DUUUHHRRRRR..

  3. Does Beck boast about his ratings on every show?

    I don't know that he's lying about anything or he expressed any facts at all. He was just making a lot of bold predications about the economy, all of them bad using a lot of overheated rhetoric.

    He'd be quite happy about if they all came true I suppose. Like Limbaugh used to say about Liberals, the Conservatives are now invested in failure. Good things cannot happen because it's bad for them.

  4. So what? I would brag too you dick. Why does that make him a bad guy? Chris Matthews brags about thrills up his leg. Bold predictions? The guy is dead on and here's the problem I see with you already, other than you're not that bright or very naive.

    You have to know Obama's true agenda. If you are in denial and not willing to adnit that Obama is a Marxist minded radical, you will never understand his true intentions. I don't see how in the world, with all of the evidence out there, you can't see this. It's mindboggling to me.

    If his predictions last year about this year were dead on, doesn't he have the right to his opinion to predict again?

    Beck is NOT a republican either. He's a libertARIAN -conservative. Don't you get that?

    He isn't 'hoping" for economic disaster, he knows it's coming. There's a difference and thats why morons like you don't get it.

    Things going bad don't benefit Beck. He has record ratings for a 5pm show and they are not going anywhere. Man up dude, stop being a sissy anti-American lazy kid, get out of your mothers basement, get a job, pay your bills and shut the **** up.

  5. dammmmmnnnnn!!!!! lol.... he told yo azzzz...