Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OH SH*T! Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million. Why don't we learn from history?

Ronald Reagan explains the perils of Big Government better than any other President, and unlike Obama, he doesn't have to lie with his delivery. His speeches also had substance. Why do we NOT learn from the mistakes of the past? Bush is also responsible for this expansion of government, but Obama is making it far worse!

The era of big government has returned with a vengeance, in the form of the largest federal work force in modern history.

The Obama administration says the government will grow to 2.15 million employees this year, topping 2 million for the first time since President Clinton declared that "the era of big government is over" and joined forces with a Republican-led Congress in the 1990s to pare back the federal work force.

Most of the increases are on the civilian side, which will grow by 153,000 workers, to 1.43 million people, in fiscal 2010.

The expansion could provide more ammunition to those arguing that the government is trying to do too much under President Obama.

"I'm shocked that the 'tea party' hasn't focused on it yet, and the Obama administration only has a thin sliver of time to deal more directly with it, I believe," said Paul C. Light, who studies the federal bureaucracy as a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a professor at New York University. "When you talk about big government, you're talking about a big employer." READ MORE...

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