Thursday, February 4, 2010

DEMOCRATS: THE PARTY OF YES (Sure, i'll take that bribe!) Landrieu says Republicans should 'shut their mouth' (Why? They didn't make her take a bribe)

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports: Don’t mess with Mary Landrieu.

The Democratic Senator from Louisiana has had about enough of people criticizing the clause she helped put into the Senate version of health care reform and she took to the Senate floor today, giving a fiery defense of special funding for Louisiana that Republicans have derisively nicknamed “the Louisiana Purchase” – implying the language was put in to buy Landrieu’s vote.

Today on the Senate floor, Landrieu her naysayers to “keep their mouth shut.”

She pointed out that Republicans in Louisiana, including Governor Bobby Jindal and a good number of Republican Congressmen, have all asked publicly for Louisiana to be given the extra money to meet its Medicaid commitments. READ MORE...

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  1. NO MARY YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAR liar pants on fire