Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you see these naive IDIOTS placed behind the President? You would think that David Koresh was addressing his cult members at the Branch Davidian! How pathetic that these people are still blind despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama is a corrupt, incompetent, compulsive liar who just happens to be a charming speaker. Grow up already..

"Yea Obama, we loved your stimulus plan. Anyone who criticizes it is a racist, an idiot, a hater YOU GOT US Obama." Read below please....and if you disagree with how your tax dollars were spent, remember what Obama thinks of you...

Government Workers Using Stimulus Funds for California Vacation

No doubt the White House will spin this as saving/creating 2 gazillion jobs because these school employees are using $400,000 of stimulus funds to fly to California to attend a *cough, cough* conference.

Channel 2 Action News has learned that nearly 200 DeKalb County school employees will be boarding flights to Los Angeles this week to attend an education conference that will cost taxpayers nearly $400,000.

The money isn’t coming from local tax dollars but from federal dollars that came to the county as part of the Obama Administration’s 2009 stimulus package.
I'm sure this is exactly how the taxpayers envisioned their hard earned money that we shipped to Washington would be used. Unless you were like me, who remembered how the Katrina folks got their federal debit cards and spent it on everything from alcohol to hookers, which is pretty much the same thing these folks will probably spend the money on.

Yes, before you even ask, Dekalb County is a Democrat stronghold. They have been represented in Congress by Cynthia McKinney (C-GA) and now are represented hepatitis-C sufferer Hank Johnson.

At least they didn't go to Las Vegas. Too bad they didn't ask Nancy Pelosi to arrange the transportation. I hear she has her own government-run private charter airplanes.

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