Friday, February 12, 2010

NBC's TOP LOSER: Olbermann names Rep. Inhofe's family 'worlds worst' for building igloo for Al Gore. If this isn't proof of a severe mental disorder..

How does this guy not off himself every morning he wakes up knowing that 90% of the country hates his guts? The bi-curious failed sportscaster turned angry progressive liberal makes his living personally attacking conservatives who disagree with his disturbing views.

The snow storm killed people? Well, 'charge the snow with murder Keith, and make sure you read the snow their rights.' This guy is a lunatic for calling a bunch of kids who know more about climate change than he does, 'worlds worst.'

Why is NBC committing major suicide by having people like Olbermann and Maddow on their network. We know they're trying to push health care and cap and trade for the Obama administration, but it isn't working and these two people alone are enough to bring down any network! A failed sportscaster and a six foot progressive lesbian with a philosophy degree (don't laugh, we're serious) are suppose to save MSNBC?!?

We didn't know sportscasters were expert scientists. Maybe Keith should listen to the other 40,000 plus scientist's in the world who say that global warming is a hoax; a fraud. Maybe he should spend time to read the 'climategate' emails instead of attacking Carrie Prejean for 45 minutes of his show.

Keith, Keith, Keith, what a moronic dickhead..

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  1. couldn't agree with this blog more

    olbermann plus maddow are poor excuses for human beings