Friday, February 12, 2010

NYT SATURDAY: White House officials are searching for ways for Obama to 'use executive powers to advance energy, environmental and other policies.

With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.

Mr. Obama has not given up hope of progress on Capitol Hill, aides said, and has scheduled a session with Republican leaders on health care later this month. But in the aftermath of a special election in Massachusetts that cost Democrats unilateral control of the Senate, the White House is getting ready to act on its own in the face of partisan gridlock heading into the midterm campaign.

“We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. READ MORE...

NOTE- This is why IDIOTS shouldn't be allowed to vote. 'Dictator' Obama has no clue what he's doing (or does he?). This is why Presidents NEED executive experience!!!


  1. The anatomy of a maligant turd, Obama is a Marxist-Leninist and believes in the redistribution of our hard-earned money and filtering it down to his dependent drones so as to endear them to Obama as life long socialists.

  2. If it smells RED------will the American people learn anything from the Obama Charade?
    "Wait till "Sweet November"
    The American people will flush the toilet bowl in Washington and get rid of all the crap there--
    Sweet November can't come fast enough.

  3. Men would never be superstitious if they could govern all their circumstances by set rules, or if they were favored by fortune: but being frequently driven into straights where rules are useless, and being often kept fluctuating pitiably between hope and fear by the uncertainty of fortune's greedily coveted favors, they are consequently, for the most part, very prone to CREDULITY. the human mind is readily swayed this way or that in times of doubt, especially when hope and fear are struggling for mastery, and along comes a con-man who mastered a telemprompter and beguiled us with signs and wonders of a conjurer.

    For most, reason was blind, because the path Barrrrrack Obama was to pursue was cast in the shadows, but NOW, finally out of the partial darkness, the vainglory of this tyrant, who enthralled the masses minds by forcing their judgement, is now exposed in the full sunshine for the double-dealing Fraud that he is---

  4. Human wisdom is vain, superstition's chief victims are people who greedily covet temporal advantages. When people are in danger, and cannot help themselves, are wont with prayers and woman's tears to implore help from the sky deities, such is the terror of unreason that can drive mankind towards Obama the Messiah, who will relieve the phantoms of your imagination and childish absurdities and heal your wounds. It is precisely in these times when your country is in peril and mankind remains in the pitch of misery that Obama will prove most illusive. I'ts the shame of your nation not to realize how your president clog's men's mind with dogmatic Marxist formulas, that leave no room for sound reason, not even enough to doubt with. No more mischievous expedient could be planned or attempted that is more repugnant to the general freedom of a democratic nation, that forces the utterances of Marxist decisions down the throat of it's citzenry. Obama will separate you from all controversie by a hard and fast line of dictorial leadership. Could a nation ask for more. Let's all get behind Obama, and make sure that he decides to run agiin in 2012.

    Russell G.

  5. Russell, you are a drone for the right.

    For your information---Obama is angry with the deficit, he feels it should be much higher.

    Obama feels very strongly about rewarding failure with handouts and puninshing success with taxes and regulation and not only keeping the economy depressed but also the teabaggers.

    It is so plane to see that the teabaggers are concerned with the future of this country, and who better then Obama to isolate them and make them feel helpless.

    The real hope and change will come from all the camPAIN promises Obama has broken.

    The teabaggers have no leader, and don't get me started on Sarah Palin, she believes in the sancity of the womb, the human portal where the human species enters our earthly state. Do you believe the nerve of this woman, she wants the babies to join the rest of us alive---I hate her.

    Grow up Russell and become part of the progressive army.

  6. Megan Mccain is my progressive sister. Did you get a chance to see her on the view the other day. She made me so proud. Megan is kind of shy and very modest, so I will tell you what her father told her after the show: it's nice to know that we have another progressive in the family and you have such a high degree of intellegence---

    Anita Dunn another progressive sister, has a crush on Mao. On my alter of adulation is Joseph Gobbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister of
    Germany and Magda Gobbels, who murdered their 6 children rather then live in a world without their beloved Adolf Hitler.

    It is my greatest goal to terminate as many pregnancies by the death of the embryo, which for many females is the simple expulsion of the fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation. You see, Obama, like an outdated computer plans to arrest the development of said child, keeping with the process of satiating all the woman libbers. Nauseating repletion stresses the disgust and boredom resulting from full term baby births. Now, maybe, it's plain to see who has the best interest of the country in mind.

    A vote for Obama is a vote for late term abortions. Progressives care.

    Russell G.

  7. The gloves are off-----my promise to the nation, is to bring to light all the shameful faults and crimes of Obama. No tip toeing around the tulips this time: this time I go for the juglar vein. There will be no under estimating him this time.

    Obama overcompensates for his lack of inner virtues by concealing his intellectual self-hatred and inferority complexes by his overwhelming need to destroy everything that is sacred and to ignite the same feelings of rage, despair and hatred of his listeners.

    Obama's oratorical teleprompter gifts and flair for theatrical effects--his uninhibited opportunism and ideological radicalism blossomed in the service of an insatible will-to-power, with the complete immunity of the socialist MSP.

    Obama's anti-capitalist outlook and his call for a radical revaluation of this nations values will be stopped dead in it's tracks by my presidency. Obama's Bolshevik tendencies and his natural allies will be defeated by your vote for me.

    Obama knows how to mobilize the fears of the unemployed masses and plans to increase those numbers--

    Will Obama go down as the greatest statesman of all time, or as the greatest criminal?
    Everyone knows the answer to this question. Can I count on your vote. America needs another Clinton in the White House. I will be proud to represent you in the same way my husband did.

  8. Obama is the great hope of the progressives---who understands the consequences of his actions and will relentlessly carry on the malevolent strategy to hasten the fall of Capitalism by overloading the government with debt so prodigious that the economy will be a mass of legal wreckage.

    It boils down to this-----

    Our there more sheeple with blinders on who will be assisted by a friendly media, that forces a redistribution of the nation's wealth--


    Do the majority of Americans finally see the stratagem that is being employed by Obama and his demo-commies and injuriously deal a death-blow to the disease of socialism.

    We are placing our bets on Obama.
    Our time has arrived. Progressives around the world untite.