Sunday, February 28, 2010

Palin Explains Hand Notes


  1. There are 2 philosophies fighting for the soul of America---

    Barrrrrrrack Obama is the darling of the International Socialists, the obsequious "BOWING" Marxist.

    Sarah Palin carries the torch of liberty and American exceptionalism, she is the spirit of 1776 and the Reagan reformation.

    One is backed by a nation grown weary with partisanship, and the passions of her respective followers yearning to be free and determined to strive for greatness.

    The other one prefers to drown in mediocrity, corruption and a defeatest socialist uniformity.

    If you were in Las Vegas, which one would you place a wager on in 2012.

  2. Very well put, If i were a betting man, But this administration has caused me and countless other Real Americans to be fiscally conservative UNLIKE THE IRRESPONSIBLE JACKASSES in Washington