Sunday, February 28, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO NUT: Pelosi on the tea partiers, 'we have a lot in common.' Must see VIDEO of the most despised woman in America..

Nancy Pelosi is so far out in space, she doesn't even realize that the Tea Party movement was started because of people like herself. She doesn't even realize that as the worst Speaker of the House in U.S history and most hated woman in America, the tea party movement is getting even more popular because of people like herself. They oppose the very same policies she creates and supports! So now she's a 'teabagger?'

Nancy Pelosi has earned the title 'mentally retarded' Speaker of the House for a lot of reasons. WE think that is an insult to mentally retarded people as they would do a far better job at the Speaker position than Nancy Pelosi has done.

Is the old elitist fleabag with botched botox finally getting worried about the very same tea partiers she insulted last year by calling them teabagging nazi astroturfers? Is it because they're having an impact on the elections, which HOPEFULLY will change the majority in the house and FINALLY get her removed as Speaker? We hope so..

Do you want to get rid of Nancy Pelosi? It's simple, just don't vote democrat, and Nancy Pelosi, the biggest heap of trash in D.C will finally lose her position; a position she only got because she was a woman. The democrats chose her ONLY because they wanted her to be the first female Speaker of the House, which they figured would help them with the female vote. What it actually did was give Americans the most unethical, corrupt, out of touch nutcase Speakers in U.S history. Then to make it worse, we got a bonus named Harry Reid, the worst Senator majority leader in history. Now the both of them are working with a community organizing radical President who is a compulsive liar and WILL go down as the worst President in U.S history.

It all seems 'historical' alright. The first female Speaker, the first (half) black President. It's really turned into a 'historical disaster.' These three incompetent LIBERAL idiots working together are continuing to run America into the ground at record speed. They have NOTHING in common with the tea party movement and they're going to realize that this November when MANY democrat lose their seats.

Even democrats have turned on Pelosi. See Jack Cafferty below- 'Pelosi's a horrible woman.'

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