Friday, February 26, 2010

Paul Ryan to Obama: You realize your bill is a fiscal disaster, right? VIDEO- Why Paul Ryan should be considered for 2012 run...

After watching this video, who looks more HONEST, realistic, rational and Presidential? Paul Ryan in six minutes, or Barack Obama responding? (Or Obama in any of his 1200 videos and speeches) It's a 'no brainer,' Paul Ryan does...and he was telling it like it really is..


  1. How many more Paul Ryans do we need to stand up to this punk Barry akaka obama before these idiots wake up and smell really obamas ass !

  2. upity don't whetto yourself---the tide is turning, soon, it will become rare for any Republican not to emulate Paul Ryan----who by the way is quite impressive----

  3. thats a damn fair statement but lets hope that tide is far and wide and drowns the drones in a deep blue sea (cesspool)