Friday, February 26, 2010

Ed Schultz: 'We Ought To Rip Out Dick Cheney's Heart.' With Deranged Cheney Rant, Ed Moves Into Malloy Territory

With his cable talk show preempted for Olympics coverage this week, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz is in desperate need of career attention. Does that mean we should ignore his most recent, hate-filled rant?

Not on your life, particularly as Big Ed crosses (perhaps for the first time) firmly into Mike Malloy territory, the extreme fringe of left-wing talk radio.

Just remember, Eddie, you asked for it, so no complaining if the blowback proves painful. From Wednesday's syndicated radio show READ MORE...


  1. hey ed schits, i think Cheney could take you out with his health any way, It would be like a chihuahua getting peed on by a bull terrier.

  2. ed schits, i think Cheney supporters should all collectively Fart in your mouth and seal it with duct tape !