Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Polls show service members oppose gays in military as Gates and Mullen prepare to testify on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Isn't that enough? (Economy Stupid)

This video shows Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee giving very good rational answers on why 'Don't ask, don't tell' shouldn't be lifted. CNN planted the open homosexual veteran in the audience, trying to make Republicans look like idiots. Mitt Romney, the non-conservative, was the one that couldn't give a real answer. Nice try CNN...

On Tuesday Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Michael Mullen will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss repealing the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and changing the law that prevents gay people from serving openly in the military. But polls show a majority of service members are still against allowing gays to serve openly.

Originally passed in 1993 under President Clinton, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been the target of much criticism; in his State of the Union on Wednesday President Obama repeated his campaign promise to work with Congress to repeal it. But there remains a strong resistance to allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military and critics contend the law will drastically hamper the services’ ability to recruit and retain soldiers as America is fighting two wars.

On one point both sides seem to be in agreement: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is bad policy. Some argue the rule is discriminatory and forces military members to lie about their sexuality in order to serve. Others say homosexuals have no business in the military, period. They argue that allowing homosexuals into the bunker would negatively affect military preparedness, often citing this passage from the 1993 law:

Military life is fundamentally different from civilian life in that the extraordinary responsibilities of the armed forces, the unique conditions of military service and the critical role of unit cohesion, require that the military community, while subject to civilian control, exist as a specialized society; and the military society is characterized by its own laws, rules, customs and traditions, including numerous restrictions on personal behavior, that would not be acceptable in civilian society. READ MORE...


TIME TO VENT- This is the LAST thing the Obama administration should be wasting their time on. Unemployment is through the roof, the national debt is skyrocketing, businesses are closing down, terrorist's are plotting attacks, the dollar is collapsing, the American people have lost trust in our government and THIS is what Obama's worried about? Screw chasing the gay vote and appeasing the deranged progressives on the left; FIX THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Stop surrounding yourself with academic morons who have never ran a business or created a job. Stop surrounding yourself with corrupt radicals who believe in FAILING Keynesian economics and big government. It doesn't work! Use better judgement and replace that airhead Christina Romer and her husband David. Then lose the reckless crook Larry Summers and tax cheat Tim Geitner. It's a start to real 'change.'

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  1. Christina Romer is such an airhead.

    Why force straight men to shower with gay men who will get boners in the shower and then get their ass kicked?