Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breitbart On MSNBC With Dylan Ratigan Exposing The Lies, Race Hoaxes, Saul Alinsky Tactics And Attacks By The Left- VIDEO

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Every website Breitbart starts turns to gold. The left shakes in their boots at the thought of Andrew Breitbart. His amazing websites, Breitbart.TV and


  1. The Left and phony right (Ratigan) harp on 'racism' to impugn and muzzle conservatives. Look how Ratigan is consumed with the issue. He and his ilk want to derail the tea party movement with their pointless obsession with race. Andrew wisely keeps pointing out why create an issue when none exists? Racism is the Left's history, not the Right's. Don't divert the Tea Party's energy into the Left's agenda.

  2. that ratigan guy is fukin annoying. the only one being racist is black dems and white libbs...and why is he such a 'suckass'? he reminds me of the white wuss who tries to act black to suck up to have black friends just to prove hes not a racist when no one gives a fuck.

    what a tool

  3. Compared to the rest of MSNBC, Rattigan was almost tolerable....."almost". He at least gave Andrew plenty of time to finish his thoughts unlike Chrissy who cuts off sentences at the first notion of disagreement. Maybe someone, someday will put the sentence together that wakes up the liberals to the racists they actually are, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.