Thursday, March 25, 2010

WHAT IDIOTS LOOK LIKE: Most Immature President Ever, Barack Obama, Mocks GOP, 'Armageddon.' Dumb Crowd Doesn't Realize 'Armageddon' Starts In 2013...

Where do you find enough 'dumb' people who can easily be conned by a pathetic community organizer and compulsive liar? Iowa City had enough to fill this auditorium... These people are either really naive, really dumb or paid to sit sit there and applaud a man making is 469th speech full of lies and deception.

The simple con job in this 58th speech came when President Obama mocked the GOP's claims of 'Armageddon' because this healthcare bill was signed. He jokes that everything is fine today and in a few months you will still be able to see the same doctor you have now and that nothing will change.

'No shit Barry,' we ALL know this already EXCEPT maybe the crowd full of idiots who probably don't realize that most of the damage of this bill will kick in starting in 2013 (by design) giving Obama and Pelosi a few more years to 'haul ass' while these clapping morons are stuck paying the bill. Unbelievable...

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