Sunday, March 21, 2010

CNN Reports (Claims) Protesters Shout Racial And Gay Slurs At Lewis And Frank. Hoax? UPDATE: CNN Offended By Fag, Calls Seniors And Vets 'Teabaggers'

“Rising tensions on Capitol Hill” is a cliche in cable news, but it may never have been apt than today. With the House of Representatives currently negotiating a controversial vote on a Senate bill that aims to reform health care, protesters have gathered to voice their opposition to the bill. CNN’s Capitol Hill reporter Dana Bash reports today of personally witnessing epithets being used towards John Lewis (D-GA) and Barney Frank (D-MA) by protesters that had been identified earlier as “Tea Party people.”

We now have a very short clip of the protesters “kill the bill” towards Lewis as he walks towards the Capitol building, but no racial epithets can be heard.

A previous report on Fox News about the protesters as being a part of the Tea Party Movement. Video:

NOTE- Code Pink, the anti-war lunatics, were protesting yesterday and 8 of them were arrested. It's funny that out of thousands (millions last September) of tea party protesters, there wasn't ONE arrest, but a small group of anti-war nutbags nab 8 arrests.

CNN should try reporting the truth and maybe they wouldn't be in last place with MSNBC in cable news ratings.

If anyone has the actual video of this, please let us know. ABC showed a video of Barny Frank and Rep. Lewis walking down a hall, and claimed gay and racial slurs were hurled and someone had spit on Rep. Frank, but we haven't seen any actual video of this...not to mention Rep. Lewis has made a career out of playing the race card so he has NO credibility anyway.

IF someone DID call Barny Frank a 'fag,' so what? Is it worse than the 'Speaker of the House' Nancy Pelosi, who violates the constitution more than Frank violates young men, calling the American people 'Nazi's' for simply protesting an out of control government? How about the hypocrisy of CNN's liberal vermin calling senior citizens, veterans and kids 'teabaggers?' See video below..

These same 'wanna-be' journalist's on CNN and MSNBC have no problem calling senior citizens and veterans 'teabaggers,' but calling Barny 'fag' a 'fag' is more worthy of a MAJOR news story? Gays call other gays 'fag' more than straight people call gays 'fag,' so we doubt they REALLY find it offensive. It's always the self-loathing, guilt ridden, white cowards who are the big hypocrites. Will these spineless reporters go into the inner cities of America and count how many times they hear young black men using the 'N' word and report on how offensive it is?

Even if Frank was spit on and Lewis was called a name, it's 2 individuals out of THOUSANDS. CNN and ABC shouldn't be intentionally targeting the entire tea party movement as 'racist homophobes,' and they are.

CNN, NBC and ABC offend me.

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