Sunday, March 21, 2010

FLASHBACK! Remember This Guy? They Thought Alan Keyes Was A Nut As He Warned Us Of Obama: Turns Out Keyes Was Right...VIDEO

Alan Keyes is still right about Obama's birth certificate. Obama may be a citizen, but it doesn't mean that people who believe he isn't are crazy. There's good evidence that Obama IS definitely hiding something...

As for Obama being a radical communist, how can you argue he isn't?

He admitted seeking out radicals and Marxist professors. He surrounds himself with admitted socialist-communist-Marxist minded people. Just google the following names, Carol Browner, Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, Van Jones, Jerimiah Wright, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Anita Dunn, Eric Holder, Kevin Jennings, Henry Louis Gates, Rashid Khalidi, Andy Stern, Craig Becker, George Soros and MANY others to find out their ties to Obama. ALL of these people are radicals and some of them are socialist-Marxist and communist party members! What about Obama's ties to ACORN, the SEIU and other radical organizations like the Apollo Alliance?

Why is Obama surrounding himself with these people?

That answer is easy. Obama IS a radical communist-Marxist. Liberals can disagree and live in denial for the rest of their lives if they choose...

How much more evidence do these idiots need?

Alan Keyes was right.

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