Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holder solves problem of how to interrogate Bin Laden by pretending it doesn’t exist. Update- Bin Laden has the same rights as Charles Manson. VIDEO

Update: Since he’s unwilling to answer the Osama question in a straightforward way, let me pinch hit. If we did capture him and he refused to talk, this is what would happen. With full assurances from the country to which he sent him, of course, that he’d be treated with all appropriate humane protocols. Wink.

Not the first time he’s whiffed on an Osama interrogation hypothetical. Graham tossed one at him last November and Holder’s reply was to say that we have enough evidence on Bin Laden already that questioning him wouldn’t be a make-or-break thing. Which is both stupid and revealing insofar as it shows what he thinks the point is of interrogating detainees, but not so stupid that other top Democrats wouldn’t parrot the same line. Five months later, he’s learned enough about this game to simply duck when the pitch is thrown: READ MORE...

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