Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video: Rep's Office Shuts Door on Tea Partiers. Liberals 'handcuffed' on Demonizing Leader Because he's 'Hispanic.'

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"Oh no!! He's 'Hispanic!' Now we can't demonize him and call him a racist, Nazi, uncle Tom, lawn jockey, self-loathing Latino or white something."

The Mind of a liberal...

Democrats were also busy making fun of the tea parties attendance today, as if 600 people showing up on a Tuesday in D.C is a bad thing. Maybe democrats forgot that unlike 40% of democrat voters, Tea Partier's actually 'work' and don't sit at home all day sucking off the system watching Maurey Povich on their flat screens, drinking booze, smoking cigarettes, eating fast food, having babies, getting tattoos, feeding their pit bulls and waiting for that government check and expecting YOU to pay for their health care...

Of course elitist liberals are too ignorant to realize that since they themselves only work a few days a week destroying the United States of America and wiping their ass with the same U.S. Constitution they took an oath to defend.

Just wait until they see the crowd on April 15th, 2010. We went last year and we will be there again this year. Trust us, there will be well over a million people, just like last time.

November can't come fast enough. Obama and Pelosi will use ACORN (voter fraud), the unions, and other dirty methods to buy votes for 2010 elections but it will NOT work. Most of the 'tax eaters' are too lazy to actually show up at the polls and vote, unless you provide them a bus and some free food or coupons. Why are all those people voting democrat? Hmmm....

November is going to be a massacre even if this bill doesn't pass. The fact that they even tried to pass it using bribes and lies to con the American people will be damage enough.

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