Monday, March 15, 2010

MATT DAMON IRAQ WAR MOVIE BOMBS AT BOX OFFICE: Anti-American sissy boy just doesn't get it. How dumb does he feel now? VIDEO- Flashback...

How DUMB does Matt Damon feel now. With Obama running around sucking up to the Muslim world, showing off his foreign policy experience by 'bowing' to everyone overseas (and even U.S mayors) while apologizing for the America he can't stand, Sarah Palin wouldn't have been a bad choice afterall!

"Hey Matt, who's the 'bitch' now?"

GREEN ZONE BOMBS! Maybe people thought it was an 'environmental movement' film since liberals have hijacked the word 'green.'

Remember, there are tens of MILLIONS of principled CONSERVATIVES in America who boycott anti-American actors, directors and films (like me). This should teach the hypocritical 'capitalist pig' Matt Damon a lesson; 'Don't fu** with patriotic Americans.'

Damon's a good actor and a typical elitist rich kid from Massachusetts. He should just shut up and make movies.. (Story below)

In Team America: World Police, the first Hollywood-financed movie inspired by the U.S. invasion of Iraq and its attendant political controversy, South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone dispatched a squad of U.S. guerrillas — all in marionette form — to take down an Axis of Evil dictator and, in the process, slaughter the real villains of the piece: a bunch of self-important celebrities who had publicly opposed the U.S. policy. One of these stars is Matt Damon, who is portrayed as such an idiot that all his dialogue consists of is his grinning stupidly while saying, "Matt Damon!" The puppet Damon ends up dead, his head snapped by a Team America hero.

The real Matt Damon didn't fare much better as the star of the new Green Zone: he went looking for the truth about Iraq's WMDs, and got blown up by the IED of public indifference. The box-office curse of movies about the U.S. Mess-o-potamian escapade remained unbroken, as Damon became the latest star — after George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, not to mention the South Park guys — whose attempt to address the blood and blunders in our Mideast wars tanked with the mass audience. READ MORE...

Click here to hear Michael Savage break down the 'inner woman' of Matt Damon..

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  1. As Matt Damon's Prince Charming diddle's in the White House, radical Islam is sharpening their knives, knowing that their time is coming, as super-weak idiot's like Sean Penn and Matt Damon play their useful-idiot parts.
    Need proof------the Muslim onslaught is already inside our gates, consider with eyes wide open the carnage caused by one radical Muslim at Fort Hood and then multiply that many times over as they consolidate their power base in the breeding grounds of college campuses---

    For the idiots-----Islam is at war with Western culture and despises weak, irresolute, wavering leaders----George Bush was perceived as strong and was feared----
    Obama is perceived as weak and is laughed at everytime he bows to the world----do the math---