Monday, March 15, 2010

TELLING IT LIKE IT IS! Bachmann: Obama is first "post-American" president. Compares Obama to Chavez. Is she right?

We hope Bachmann runs for President in 2012. She sure knows the Constitution better than President Obama, the 'part time lecturer' who only studied 'Constitutional law' to figure out how to change, manipulate and look for loopholes in the U.S. Constitution. Who paid for Barack Obama's education to learn all this? Someday we might know, but those records are sealed and Obama doesn't want you to know anything about it.

Watch out! We're sure Olbermann got a 'hard on' watching this speech so he can spend an hour of his pathetic show insulting Bachmann on 'Countdown to no ratings' tonight.

Rachael Maddow must be 'wetter' than the entire northeast this weekend after her NBC 'code red' emergency pager went off after Bachmann's speech. She will be busy preparing for tonight's show by piling up her distorted 'fact checks' she makes up as part of her 'philosophy' background (we're serious, don't laugh).

'Boy' Maddow already has it out for Bachmann because she's smart, attractive, heterosexual conservaitve and a married mother who believes in God and knows the constitution better than our President. Watch out!

Considering Rep.Barbara Lee and a few other members of the 'Congressional Black Caucus of Dummies' are admitted communist's, Marxist's and former Black panthers, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a member of the Socialist party and Obama sure seems to have a problem with America altogether, Bachmann makes a good point.

No one has it out for Michele Bachmann more than the cross-dressing Chris Matthews, who gets 'thrills' and 'tingly feelings' up his leg just hearing an Obama speech. The whiny Matthews HATES Bachmann so much that when she gives a speech, he doesn't even 'leak' in his depends. He's still mad over an exchange they had a little over a year ago in which Michele Bachmann SUGGESTED that 'SOME members of congress were ACTING un-American.' Well we proved the Bachmann was 100% correct- Click here to see how we proved it.
Will you be one of the 20,000 people watching MSNBC tonight?

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