Friday, April 16, 2010

Arrogant Obama mocks tea partiers: You should thank me for cutting taxes. (Idiots applaud even though he's lying)

Obama: "I've been a little amused over the past couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes..." According to the teleprompter, Obama cut taxes for 95% of you out there, so what's all the complaining about. ....and it must be true because he said so and Obama never lies! Except when he's not telling the truth.

Via Dan Riehl, this may well be the single most obnoxious soundbite he’s uttered since his immortal bitter/clinger bon mot during the campaign. Which, if I’m not mistaken, also occurred at a fundraiser. Funny, the thoughts that bubble up when he’s among friends.

You’re welcome, America.

President Barack Obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.
Obama told a fundraiser in Miami that he’s cut taxes, contrary to the claims of protesters.

“You would think they’d be saying thank you,” he said.
At that, many in the crowd at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts stood and yelled, “Thank you!”

Let’s see. For starters, he’s lying: He has raised some taxes, contrary to his campaign pledge two years ago. But more than that, he seems almost to be laughing at people for being concerned about deficits. Did we or did we not learn just last night that a majority of tea partiers think their taxes are fair? They’re not some fanatic “zero tax” movement, in other words. They’re willing to pay what they’re paying now; what they want is a government small enough to make ends meet with what they’re paying. By The One’s logic, if he lowered the top marginal income tax bracket to one percent, we should expect tea partiers to fall on their knees and shout hallelujah even though it would mean annual deficits many times the trillion-dollar leviathans we’re currently saddled with. Anyone think that would happen? Anyone except Obama not yet grasp that conservatives want fiscal responsibility, not lower taxes at any and all costs? READ MORE...


  1. The Shit Stirrer has one major problem that can't be overcome--------all the naturalized citizens running aganist him----

  2. The Kenyan Turd---keeps making fun of the tea party folks----Wednesday November 3 of this year old Elephant Ears becomes irrelevant-----

  3. Hey, congratulations on that great mention on Rush Limbaugh's show! Great site!

  4. Once we reclaim 35 seats in November---we restore the balance of power----and obstruct the trachea of the narcisistic turd's Marxist mismanagement of affairs.

    Fecal matter---can keep on bowing---but----
    The American voice will be heard loud and clear in November-----and Obama's elephant ears will be discolored by it's scorching---

  5. Can't accuse------Elephantidae Ears, of ever acting like an American president----

    The tall long eared loxodonta africano's words drip with contempt---for the tea party community.
    Keep it up you Malignant Tumor---your stratagem is not hard to analyze----your knickknact gift, keeps making things worse and worse!!!!!
    November----the American frustration will be your nullification----without your teleprompter keep repeating the word Waterloo over and over again----

    The Malcontent Turd loves you----
    He loves poor people---that's why Elephant Ears is working 24/7 to make more people poor----
    And you people still working---pay up and shut up----be thankful that I don't take it all---