Friday, April 16, 2010

Will Media Report Joe Biden's Miserly Charitable Donations? Rush Limbaugh Donates $400K To Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. Palin Donates More Than Biden..

Democrat vice presidential nominee Joe Biden gives significantly less money to charity as a percentage of his household income than the average American.

In fact, in the last ten years, Biden and his wife have averaged 98 percent less in charitable donations than the typical household in their income bracket. Such was revealed Friday when Biden released his family's tax returns for the last ten years.

As the Obama/Biden ticket champions itself as the candidates for the little guy and the downtrodden, one has to wonder how much press coverage this story will get. As marvelously reported by the TaxProf Blog Friday (emphasis added, grateful h/t Jennifer Rubin)

Despite income ranging from $210,432 - $321,379 over the ten-year period, the Bidens have given only $120 - $995 per year to charity, which amounts to 0.06% - 0.31% of their income. [...]

It is jarring that a couple earning over $200,000 per year would give as little as $2 per week to charity. This giving compares very unfavorably to John McCain, whose tax returns show that he gave 27.3% - 28.6% of his income to charity in 2006-2007. During the same period, the Obamas' tax returns show that they gave 5.8% - 6.1% of their income to charity.

Perhaps the Obama-Biden campaign needs a new slogan: "Change You Can Believe In (As Long As Someone Else Pays For It)" READ MORE...

Sarah Palin Gives More To Charity Than Biden

This is from last year, before Palin was making the big bucks. Palin and Todd combined barely cleared $120,000 a year and donated more charity than the cheap Biden's and the cheap Obama's. It seems like Obama THIS year has donated more to charity, but that's only because he donated the Nobel Peace Prize money he shouldn't have won to charity.

Rush Donates $400K to Kick Off Our
20th EIB Leukemia-Lymphoma Society of America Cure-A-Thon

It's really pathetic to see the liberal media let the idiot Joe Biden off the hook on his sorry donations to charity and then continue to drool all over the stingy Obama's; the radical, anti-American, Marxist minded failure of a President and compulsive liar who donates peanuts to charity, while these same liberals constantly attack Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity.

It just goes to show what a bunch of nasty individuals these liberals are...


  1. Is $1.4 million stingy or peanuts to you? How much did you give?

  2. I gave 2 million dollars. I made 2.5 million. I made it by conning the American people and using their tax dollars to advance my agenda. I was also given a gift from someone and it was worth a ton of money. I donated that also. As for the other 100,000,000,000 I made, I kept that shit.