Wednesday, April 21, 2010

COMPLETE LIBERAL AIRHEAD: Deranged Joan Walsh From Salon Magazine Unable To Name Left-Wing Extremists On Morning Joe. Sparks Fly...

It's a shame she doesn't even realize how dumb she is. Let us help her out, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews to name a few on MSNBC alone.

Even Mika was wondering what planet Joan was from. Most liberals live in a bubble, Joan Walsh lives in a bubble with a lack of oxygen. It's scary that this woman's magazine has probably influenced some of their readers..

As for Joe Scarborough, he still needs to 'get a pair.' Of course, we don't expect much out of him anyway, but to call Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage 'extremist's on the right' because they're exposing the truth and doing the job that the mainstream media doesn't do, makes him a kool-aid drinking sucker.

Most people who criticize Rush, Beck and Savage have never even listened to them. Those moron-types should sit down and listen to them and fact check what they're saying. There's a reason they have millions of listeners, it's called 'credibility!'

People don't want to waste their time listening to programs that are dishonest, which is why NBC, CNN and liberal talk radio has failed miserably and why 'Air America' filed for bankruptcy.