Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VIDEO- Bernie Goldberg SLAMS Jon Stewart! On Stewart's Frank Rich Interview: 'You Gave Him A Lap Dance. You Practically Had Tongue Down His Throat'

Bernie Goldberg does a good job exposing Jon Stewart as the spineless left-wing lap dog that he really is. Jon Stewart is a pretty funny guy, or at least his writers make him a funny guy, but Bernie Goldberg is 100% right about Stewart. We're sure Stewart will have a response for this beat down..


  1. WAY TO GO BERNIE!!!!! It's about time someone said it. Jon Stewart's show sucks now anyway.

  2. Ya gotta love Bernie when he gets on a roll! He can call it like it is as good as anyone, and with the brutal truth on his side.

    Stewart only shows the arrogance and disdain of the left for the public at large. He can speak reasonably well on some things, few at best, but largely is insulting to anyone with half a brain and any common sense.