Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Are White Tea Partiers 'Racist' When They're Protesting White Liberals? Is It The White Liberals Who Are The Real Racists? We Prove They Are....

I'm far from white, I have attended 12 tea parties and I have met some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Recently, my friend and I stopped in a tavern on the tea party route to have some drinks with other teabaggers. I had some drinks and conversation with a black couple, a Hispanic woman and several whites as we all talked about politics, big government, corruption, debt, taxes, racism accusations and out of control spending.

We also talked about politicians who we consider dangerous, radical, corrupt, incompetent and just really bad for America. The politicians they were naming were mostly white, which was no surprise to me, but might surprise the kool-aid drinkers..

We also talked about which candidates we were supporting for Congress and Senate in the November 2010 elections.

During this time, I sure didn't hear the 'N' word from anyone and I didn't get spit on. I didn't even get any dirty looks, in fact, the people were just so damn polite!

The tea partiers are supporting people like Michael Williams for Senate. Williams is black. The tea partiers also like William Hurd, who is also black and running for congress in Texas's 23rd district. I met a police officer from Florida who is supporting Alan West for congress; West is black.

These so-called 'racists' are also supporting Angela McGlowan in Mississippi’s 1st District. You got it, Angela is black..

If these people are racist, they must really hate a lot of white people!

Most WHITE people were protesting mostly WHITE Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, Dick Durbin, Louis Slaughter, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Henry Waxman, Barack Obama and even WHITE Republicans Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. They were protesting the mainstream media and they sure didn't show any love to Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Contessa Brewer. There was more, but if you're NOT a liberal, you're getting the point....

'Okay liberals, give up?'

That's a lot of white folks in the tea parties protesting a lot of white folks!

That's like 19.5 white people out of 20. How the hell is that racism? (Obama 50%)

In fact, let's throw in Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee and make that 19.5 out of 22 white people. Let's be honest, Maxine Waters (video below) is an ignorant, corrupt, elitist, racist congresswoman who represents south central Los Angeles (great job she's doing out there huh?) and Barbara Lee is another racist radical nutjob from California.

Since these two politicians are racist towards whites, it's not really that news worthy. They get a free pass from the white liberals in the media who shake in their boots at the thought of having to actually report that these two women don't like whites and are corrupt black politicians. They don't have the spine to report the truth. WE DO- Prove us wrong, we're waiting....

You can go to ANY tea party in America and you will NOT see racism, you will see some really nice patriotic informed American HERO's standing up to a mostly white group of corrupt politicians and despicable tyrants who are robbing YOU blind. Some people are just too stupid to realize it and will one day thank the tea party for real 'hope and change.'

As for a lack of minorities at tea parties, they're there in attendance, just not in really large numbers. SO WHAT? Since when do liberals have the right to dictate the racial makeup of a movement or a protest and then criticize it? We don't see them telling the NAACP and LaRaza that they're racist because there's not more 'white people' in their organizations. What a bunch of self-loathing white cowards..

The tea parties are not about race and it's not the responsibility of the tea party to go out and pander or recruit people of color to come to a tea party like democrats do to get votes.

Would the democrats like if conservatives used ACORN to encourage blacks to attend tea parties and registered them to vote republican? Of course not, and at least the people in the tea party movement are still ALIVE. (ACORN likes to register dead people to vote democrat)

More BLACK TEA would be nice, and it is coming, but if blacks do not want to attend a tea party then so be it, that's their right. The tea partiers see no color and it's not about color, it's about the American people being fed up with out of control reckless spending, big government, excessive taxation and corrupt politicians. These same liberal media anchors and reporters who make false allegations of racism are racists themselves. Even their networks are all white! As usual, more liberal hypocrisy. (Video Below)

I'm surprised MORE blacks don't attend tea parties to protest the mostly WHITE elitist progressive liberals who tax the American worker to death and put their children in massive debt while these liberals fly their private jets back to their mansions (Nancy Pelosi).

White liberal politicians run the show in Washington and YES, whether Obama supporters like it or not, Barack Obama is one of them. Don't let his 'appearance' fool you...He supports the same exact policies that radical white liberals do.

Liberals create high unemployment in the black community. They create policies that destroy black families and the public schools. They encourage aborting millions of black babies because white liberals see them as a burden in the future and that's not racism? Look at the black incarceration rate, the black teen pregnancy rate, the black unemployment rate, the black graduation rate and the black drug use RATES in DEMOCRAT controlled cities ALL across America. Why are they so high? It sure as hell isn't the fault of conservatives.

I don't see the tea party movement encouraging ANY of those failed liberal policies...

The people who don't want to attend tea parties can ignore them and tolerate this tyrannical government destroying America if they want, OR they can get up off their asses, turn off 'Dancing With The Stars' and do something about it. Attend a tea party, get involved and VOTE for constitutional conservatives. Vote these corrupt, arrogant crooks out of office.

Leave the violence and racism for the left-wingers since they're so good at it..

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  1. you should get a pulitzer for this article..

  2. "Okay liberals, give up?"

    Why would you expect that? I wouldn't expect that of you.

  3. This is nonfictional prose at it's best. Well done.

  4. Oh, but the media doesn't want you to know about the Black tea party supporters! We are supposed to believe that tea party = KKK!!

    Loved your quote -
    "The tea partiers see no color and it's not about color, it's about the American people being fed up with out of control reckless spending, big government, excessive taxation and corrupt politicians."

    That is going to be my facebook status for the rest of the week! LOL

    Sometimes, you go off the deep end, but this is EASILY my favorite article of the month. When you tell it, YOU REALLY TELL IT!!!