Saturday, April 17, 2010

IDIOTS! Video: Meet The Tea Party Infiltrators. ALSO, 'Scumbag' Bill Clinton Links Talk Radio, Tea Parties To Non-Existent Terrorism. Huh?!?

This douchebag claims he's seen 'confederate flags,' but couldn't point ONE out. We don't even have a problem with confederate flags, liberals are just confused about actual history in this country. We were right near this clown and he just stood there like a zombie all evening. Hopefully, he learned something while he was there..

Sacramento infiltrators went for broke.

This guy was a terrible actor. With all of the mentally disturbed liberals in Hollywood, you would think they could of got a real actor to do this. What a geek! We would have slammed this guy a lot harder on the stage. They took it way too easy on him.

We're still waiting for ONE tea party video where an actual member of the tea party acts unruly. Liberals are even getting arrested at non-liberal events. These people have to have mental problems...

This moron was such a obvious implant. More evidence that liberals suffer from a mental disorder. We're betting that guy voted for Bill Clinton..

Bill Clinton Links Talk Radio, Tea Parties to Non-Existent Terrorism. Rush Responds..

This is the president who pardoned and released a bunch of Puerto Rican terrorists on his last week in office. The FALN gang. He also pardoned the Weather Underground terrorists -- and he's now lecturing us on violence that hasn't happened, a peaceful tea party movement. We cannot even say "Islamic" and "terrorists" in the same sentence! We cannot associate radical Islam with terrorism but the president can go out and Obama can go out and try to associate the tea party -- genuine, peace-loving, middle-American citizens of this country -- with future acts of terrorism? The tea parties, you know why they're hated? I'll tell you why they're hated. If you're a member of a tea party, if you participated in one yesterday, why you're hated, why you're feared: This regime and the Clintons, everybody else knows that all you want to do is defend what's left of this country and try to rebuild it. READ MORE...

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  1. I see a Maltese cross. I don't see any swastikas.

    I think I also see the fruits of the Left's discreditation campaign ripening - the creation of an army of witchhunters who will fulfill the Left's claims of racism in the TEA Party by churning out thousands of videos like this one, that make the videographer look worse than the subject. The ambush-style approach tends to do that, folks.

    Having said that, this guy does seem like he's there to stir the pot, not as a TEA Party supporter.