Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is Whoopi Goldberg A Teabagger? A Conservative? What's She Complaining About, Taxes?

Whoopi Goldberg from 'The View' sounds like she might be joining a tea party soon if she can get that kool-aid out of her system. Whoopi, who is one of the more tolerable liberals, doesn't like all of the taxes the government is punishing her with just because she's successful. Umm, did she vote for Reagan? Did she vote for Obama? Does she like Pelosi? Anyone, anyone?

Whoopi can be nice even if you disagree with her, UNLIKE that nasty cow Joy Behar, who is a total bimbo with anger issues who continues to live in denial. She will never 'get it.'

Maybe Whoopi is finally coming around and seeing what the tea partiers are REALLY about...but 50% income tax is still way too high. We're not all overpaid movie stars..

If Whoopi went to a tea party, the left would go even more insane, and they would attack her as well. If more SMART Hollywood celebrities like Jon Voight were appearing and speaking at tea parties, the liberals would be suicidal.

SO- We hope Palin and Goldberg headline the next tea party with Michele Bachman and Michael Savage opening up. That would be FUN to watch. Even Olbermann and Matthews ratings would finally increase because so many American people would tune in just to watch them CRINGE and SUFFER...and that would be really awesome to watch, especially when Chris Matthews pisses his pants in a hissy fit..

'C'mon Whoopi! Let's do this!'


  1. "Whoopi, who is one of the more tolerable liberals..."

    I don't know who you've been watching thinking it was WG. Cause she's an insufferable liberal ass to the max!


    Yes she is a leftist. Yes she is not that bright. But she is far more tolerable then Joy Behar and Janeane Garofalo.

    Whoopi is a libb-tard, but I can see the point. Tolerable...she won't go all psych on you like Joy does. Watch her and Hannity. Pretty civil and she actually agrees on some right wing have to beat it out of her though.

  3. Al "DOZENS" Sharpton was on Glen Beck about a week and a half ago, and like "Whoopi" appeared Tolerable----it"s all a psyche job to conceal their true intentions-----

    When "OH" When----are we going to stop trying to "outguess" a liberals true intent----it is never to advance the greatness of this country, but rather, to punish all of us for it's greatness------

  4. Another homerun by Russell G.

  5. I saw Al Sharpton on the Glen Beck Show, and he seemed all rational and calm. I remember saying to myself who is he trying to kid.

    Russell G. you just hit a home run with the bases loaded.

  6. For the record-----there is no such thing as a tolerable liberal--

    There are only degrees of detestableness---99 per-cent of them are ABOMINABLE---

    Their brain is wired up different from normal people---

    They are self loathing racists that are incapable of shame----
    They see no evil in the world unless it is America that perpetuates it----

    99 per-cent of them are American-hating left wing fanatical partisan zealots----

    Come November----a number of them will slash their wrists----and an even greater number of them will slink back underground, masking their sinuous and provocative social conduct--------