Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama Gives 17 Min, 2,500 Word Response to Overtaxed Question

Where was his teleprompter? Is he getting even more cocky? Are his con artist skills diminishing? Why in the world are those idiots applauding his long answer? Do they realize he just lied to them for 17 minutes?!?

It's why we call them idiots..


  1. A 2500 word responce to a simple question-------
    Joe Wilson said it all in 2 words----you lie

  2. Sham conspicuous testimony------This guy is such a phoney that even he's suspicious of his own fabricated deception-----his expressions are indicative of suspicion-----they can't really be buying this----but hey---if they are dumb enough to swallow this malarky, there is a lot more bunkum coming their way----