Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama: I Use 'Different Dialect' When I Speak to Different Races. Even Obama's Fans Notice He's A Phony In How He Writes, Walks And Even Talks...

This video is a great example of Obama's phoniness. Listen to his SO OBVIOUS fake draw as he turns it on and off for the purple 'idiots' in the crowd. He's no Reverend Wright or Michael Dyson. At least Dyson's a real con artist and suburban street hustler..

Obama is an embarrassment as a President. This is the tone of a dictator and street agitator, not a U.S. President. We elected nothing more than a Marxist minded community organizer for President. At 3:45 this video gets better.


How phony is Barack Obama? PBS Washington Week host Gwen Ifill reviewed New Yorker editor David Remnick's new Obama book The Bridge in the Washington Post Outlook section Sunday, and she kept finding Obama is a Slick Barry, a "shape shifter." Obama even admitted to rhetoric what should be obvious -- how he changes "dialects" depending on the audience he's talking to:

Obama cops to this. "The fact that I conjugate my verbs and speak in a typical Midwestern newscaster's voice -- there's no doubt that this helps ease communication between myself and white audiences," he tells Remnick.

"And there's no doubt that when I'm with a black audience I slip into a slightly different dialect. But the point is, I don't feel the need to speak a certain way in front of a black audience. There's a level of self-consciousness about these issues the previous generation had to negotiate that I don't feel I have to."

When he reads this, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who was excoriated after being quoted in another campaign book saying essentially the same thing, will no doubt regret his tortured apology.

Obama -- the offspring of a white mother and an African father -- learned what Remnick calls "shape-shifting" when he arrived in Chicago. Reared in Hawaii and Indonesia, he "had never encountered a place where race was so determinative," one old Chicago friend observes.

Ifill relayed that this wasn't contained to talking -- but even to walking!

Bobby Rush, the congressman and former Black Panther, is apparently still disdainful of the young Harvard Law School transplant who had the nerve to challenge him in 2000 (Obama lost, badly, in part because black voters were suspicious of his racial bona fides).

In one of the book's most remarkable passages, Rush mocks the president during an interview in his congressional office, getting out of his chair to make fun of Obama's distinctive, rolling stride. The smooth strut, Rush suggests, was something Obama appropriated from the street to appear more at home around black people. "Lemme tell you, I never noticed that he walked like that back then!"

Those who lost to Obama also complain that the newcomer got an easy ride from the news media. "We didn't understand why his politically calculating chameleon nature was never discussed," an aide to Clinton says. "We were said to be the chameleons, but he changed his life depending on who he was talking to." [Italics hers.] READ MORE...

Wanda is so corny, especially when sweatin Obama; but she DID grow up 'kinda-white' so we will give her a pass on not recognizing the phony strut Obama has always 'practiced' since he got to Chicago. Wanda herself uses phony ebonics to curry favor with her audience, BUT people still think she's funny.

We wrote about Obama's phony talk and strut many times on this blog. We have written many times that Obama is a (half) 'white, radical, elitist, liberal.' We have written many times that Obama, with his FAKE strut and southern draw couldn't relate to the black community anymore than Martha Stewart could, and she's even did time..

He joined Trinity church to get the black vote and that almost backfired. It seems Sean Hannity was the only one warning Americans of the real Obama, and now many people are wishing they had paid more attention, unlike the media did..

Even the controversial Harlem Pastor Dr. James Manning, who is NO fan of Obama, was criticized with others, including one of the dumbest congressman ever, former black panther Bobby 'Punch Drunk' Rush, simply for calling Obama out on his phoniness. We're glad people are finally seeing that Obama is the 'rubber brother' we always said he was...


  1. Obama: I use different dialect when I speak to different races----"tranlation"-----nobody, gives better verbal fellatio, then me----

  2. Mind boggling------this piece of work holds the nuke codes-----

  3. At least RuPaul was a major media presence thanks to his outgoing persona and campy theatrics----

    This wannabe RuPaul president, trys to rival RuPaul's success, but without his scripted teleprompter at hand, is proving to be nothing more then a dangerous ZERO-----

  4. Every time I see Obama walking across the White House lawn, not pushing a lawn mower, all I can say is what a waste.

  5. So you have to have gone to jail to relate to the Black community? No, you aren't racist at all...
    I also can't stand Obama, but you clearly have more issues with him than just his policies...

  6. HEY RETARD (Jada)

    "We have more work to do when more young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America."
    --Barack Obama, NAACP forum, July 12, 2007.

    Everybody acknowledges that incarceration rates among young black males are much higher than among whites or Hispanics. An August 2003 Bureau of Justice Statistics analysis shows that 32 percent of black males born in 2001 can expect to spend time in prison over the course of their lifetime. That is up from 13.4 percent in 1974 and 29.4 percent in 1991. By contrast, 17.2 percent of Hispanics and 5.9 percent of whites born in 2001 are likely to end up in prison.

    First, I believe the blogger is a black man. 2nd, you idiot, you're most likely not a regular here because the writer always adds sarcasm and humor. Now, if Wanda Sykes or Steve Harvey said the same thing, you would of A. laughed, or B. would be too much of a pussy to speak out against what you believe to be racism, when it's not. It's a fact that blacks have a high incarceration rate and was making the point that even Martha Stewart with that one stat alone, has more in common with the black community than Obama does. Get it dope?

    And if Wanda or another black comedian like Chris Rock said this, blacks would laugh their asses off!! You're a punk, man up sissy.

  7. Thank you Marcus...

  8. I have more issues with Obama than his policies. Am I racist? I hate his lying, his phonieness, his accent change, his walk, that mole on his nose and his wife getting a fashion icon award and a fitness role model recognition. I hate Obama's basketball court and the way he throws a baseball. I am not racist because Obama personally attacks news networks that are only reporting on what he is actually doing. I hate when Obama cracks on tea party members and treats anyone without an Ivy League degree as if their too stupid to join the conversation. I don't like Obama because he's weakminded and drank the Columbia kool-aid. Am I racist? No, because I am far blacker than Obama will ever be. Get a life Jada.

  9. Marcus, you are a weirdo and have issues. Seek help. I don't care if the blogger is blue, the fact that he or she believes that Black people relate most to people who have done time speaks of their own ignorance or retardation, not mine.

    I dislike and distrust our president and am afraid for the future of America, but the posters on this site seem to be more ignorant than he is.

    And I have a life! A wonderful one! I'll get to it now, the rest of you can choke yourselves while you beat off to pictures of GWB!!


  10. He or she didn't say 'most' I have issues? Damn right I do! We have a 'so-called' black President who is continuing policies that keep blacks down, damn right I got issues woman. I have a spine and a brain too, and will do everything in my power to stop this man from getting re-elected. I will do everything in my power to make sure we have more 'smart' black conservatives not voting democrat. Damn right i got issues. Nobody asked you about your life and we don't care- you still didnt address my comment. Can you read? Can you comprehend?

    I also don't believe any fans of this site like GWB being the many articles of criticism on that fake ass conservative- but he is still better than Obama and that isn't saying much for conry-ass Barry Soteoro.

    Jada, I think you're a phony. Did you come over from the KOs to see some real news and information the kos wasn't posting like this blog does?

  11. I think Jada just doesn't get the humor part of that statement. If a white guy had said it and was all serious about it, yea- it would sound pretty bad, but because the writer is black and throws in some humor which makes this blog a little better than others-to me anyway, she might not realize that. I got it and I laughed because it's true- Stewart can relate better to the black community than Obama