Friday, April 9, 2010

Shouldn’t ‘Funny or Die’ Just Give It Up and Become ‘Liberal or Die?’ VIDEO Dumb Celebrites Hypocrisy and Deception on Display..


None of these Funny or Die videos are funny. They’re on-the nose, heavy-handed, and at times so awkwardly unfunny that you kinda hafta supply your own rim-shot in order to gut your way through the worst of it. You can’t say the people behind the videos aren’t talented. They are. But this stuff is just lazy. Really, “Terminator” music over the closing PSA?

But isn’t all celebrity masturbation lazy? No one’s trying to do anything more than feel good about themselves. So because that’s the real goal no serious thought goes into the sketch and of course no thought goes into the issue at hand.

Schools aren’t working? Throw money at them! Wow, I feel so much better about myself, so self-gratified, and look at how easy it was to show how much I care about kids READ MORE...

NOTE- Megan Fox makes being really hot and really stupid seem almost 'really cool.'

We're sure Brian Austin Green's kid goes to a public school and will be affected by budget cuts that should of been ordered years ago.

Maybe people should call the Governors office and ask them to deport MORE illegal aliens because they are killing the education budget. Why won't these moron celeb-u-tards talk about the real issues causing the budget cuts instead of lying about janitors and school nurses losing their jobs? That's not true..

See video below- You can be 'funny or die' and an 'idiot in denial,' or you can listen to Michael Savage tell you the truth about the cost of illegal immigration. It's a fact, deal with it.

Just look at the BROKE state of California! They're broke because of illegal aliens and entitlement programs created and supported by people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and other liberal democrats. Why are Hollywood celebrities such cowards and liars when it comes to the real problems with the education budget?

It's because they're 'idiots.' Rich idiots, hot idiots, famous idiots, but still idiots..


  1. couldn't agree with ya true. Savage is the only one who really tells it like it is. you can sit there with a laptop and fact check the man, he's dead on and intelligent.

  2. It really is a massive problem. Some people (like Huckabee) think that illegals do work other people don't want. That is so untrue!

    We were actually put us out of business this year after ICE told the police illegals weren't their priority so let the illegals go. We can't compete with illegals. We have workers comp, liability insurance, trucks, commercial auto insurance, bonds, OSHA/saftey compliance, etc. Not to mention taxes and benefits.

    My business put plumbing into new commerical buildings, like hotels. Try asking an American licensed plumber to work for $5 an hour with no benefits, no workers comp, no unemployment... hahaha... it doesn't work! 15 years in business flushed away by illegals.

    I can't just blame the illegals though, it's our government. If they enforced the LAW, the illegals wouldn't be here. And if somehow they did get over here nobody would hire them - it's against the LAW to hire illegals.

    I could rant all day, as you can see I'm bitter. I didn't even touch on the school or crime problems. GAH!!!!! I need a drink.

  3. megan fox is a dumb bitch. she's too much of a coward to state the real problem. it might be considered racist and she is scared she might not get another job.....well, at least a job that doesn't require her to go under the table. why do all of these people get to hollywood and turn into human pieces of shit?