Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A SOLDIER'S PERSPECTIVE: Ship To Be Named After Disgraced Ex-Marine John Murtha. Marines Outraged. Is 'Domestic Terrorist' Nancy Pelosi Behind This?

According to Fox News and other sources, the Navy has decided to name one of its newest ships after former Congressman and Slanderer John Murtha.

The Navy is naming its newest San Antonio-class amphibious transport-dock LPD 26 for Murtha, the powerful chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee who became an outspoken and influential critic of the Iraq war.

Murtha died in February at age 77 after complications from gallbladder surgery.

San Antonio-class ships support Marines and can carry roughly 700 troops, their equipment and vehicles. They are usually named after cities; the USS Murtha will be a break from that tradition.

Not only will it be a break from tradition, but it will absolutely be a slap in the face to the Marines forced to be assigned to the ship. As you may recall, Murtha slandered Marines in 2005 by calling them "cold-blooded murderers" and never apologized for it after EACH AND EVERY MARINE was acquitted. He labeled them murderers BEFORE any trial or evidence was collected and purported to have all the "evidence" to defend his statements prior to any trial.

In an editorial to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Robert Greer, a Life Member of the Marine Corps League, had some pretty pointed words as well about the Navy's Decision:

Murtha sting operation. Click here to see the rest...

To the Editor,

Before we name the LPD 26 San Antonio-class amphibious dock ship after John Murtha we should first consider the impact that that act would have on those 700 Marines who would be asked to serve on that ship.

Major John Murtha was the S-2 Intelligence Officer for the First Battalion, First Marines in Vietnam. Serving under him in the capacity of forward observer/intelligence photographer was Sgt. Scott Camil, 1st Bn., 11th Marines, attached to 1st Bn, 1st Marines.

At the Winter Soldier Hearings in 1971, conducted by young Vietnam Veteran John Kerry, who later became the Honorable Senator from Massachusetts, Sgt Scott Camil gave testimony in regards to the conduct of Major John Murtha and the officers and men of the 1st Bn., 1st Marines.

Sgt. Camil's testimony reveals that Major John Murtha presided over a United States Marine Combat Unit that " cut off ears, cut off heads, called in artillery on Vietnamese villagers for games, randomly burned down the homes of innocent
Vietnamese villagers and raped and sexually mutilated Vietnamese women with entrenching tools and tree limbs. "

John Murtha had a lifetime to defend himself and the Honor of the United States Marine Corps against these charges. Murtha did not defend himself.

In Marine circles it is widely believed that it was John Murtha who fabricated these bizarre incidents as part of Commandant David Shoup's exit strategy from Vietnam.

Regardless of whether these atrocities really happened or were fabricated, Major John Murtha brought shame and dishonor on the United States Marine Corps.

I wonder if Major John Murtha was thinking about the atrocities that he himself committed in Vietnam when he accused our young Marines of killing Iraqis " In Cold Blood. " at Haditha, or was he just knowingly lying again for his own self interest.

Go ahead and name the LPD 26 " The LPD John Murtha " ( or as Marines call him "Porky the Vagina Mutilator" ) … then take that ship out to sea unmanned and sink it.

No United States Marine should ever suffer the dishonor of serving on an acursed ship named after Major John Murtha.

Amen! The Haditha Marines' names and reputations were drug through the mud before they were even privileged enough to enjoy the rights they serve to protect were realized in the concept of innocence until proven guilty. I personally hope that Murtha is rotting in a painful and excruciatingly morose hell. No ship in any military outside landlocked Iran deserves to be named after this dishonorable waste of human flesh. And that's my opinion.

The video below says it all about John Murtha and liberals can't say shit about it. It's all true. Fact check it yourself...

Nancy Pelosi is rumored to be behind naming a ship after disgraced, corrupt John Murtha. (He has a lot in common with that evil witch Nancy Pelosi)

Just the sound of Pelosi's voice, the sight of her face and the fact she is behind this must make anyone in the military cringe!!

How about naming the ship after Michael Monsoor, a Navy seal and real American hero!

Click here and let us know who is more deserving...

Navy SEAL jumps on grenade to save others

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