Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video: Palin’s speech at the Boston Tea Party

Palin traveled to Boston as part of the Tea Party Express, speaking in front of their bus to a cheering throng. Calling the Obama administration “all Alinsky all the time,” Palin sent a message to the White House that “we’ll keep clinging to our Constitution, our guns and our religion and you can keep the change!” READ MORE...


  1. Go ahead-----take your time, now name me a politician who has more inner convictions then Sarah---when Sarah speaks, it's like having a conversation with the American people, connecting with us---as oppossed to the malevolent turd, who's communication's are marked by falsehoods he extravagantly speils during his public discourses---

    Proud-----Sarah believes in American exceptionalism----the only thing the malignant turd expounds on is bringing this country to it's knee's----and bow in submission and shame to foreign nasties---

    Name me a politician-----who presents themselves exactly as they really are-----compared, to that hollow sham in the White House---

    Sarah is genuine-----
    The man who likes big buttocks, goes through the external motions necessary to mask his disguise--

    Republican woman ROCK------come-on Republican men let's ROLL----

  2. Paul Ryan----ROCKS----my admiration for him keep's growing-----Sarah/Ryan Ryan/Sarah ticket--
    Compare it----to Obama/Biden----the difference is night and day-----the tea party community will assure us of at least one thing---there will be a new president and vice president---

  3. Taxed enough already?

    Possibly, say Tea Party supporters. But most of them polled say they are taxed fairly.

  4. hey are dumb enough to believe a CBS poll?

    Besides, I believe most Americans I know, about 70 of them, all agree they're over taxed. BUT the tea party is protesting not only that, but future taxes due to a multi-trillion dollar debt and more entitlement programs and more spending in the future.

    By the way douche..that 95% middle class who wont see a tax's a lie.

    Go change your diaper're an idiot.

  5. You're welcome to bring some evidence that Americans feel they are overtaxed. Put up or shut up.